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B4 - General Topic 2023 #44(August / September)

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Pete (Australia): "Designed by a Dane (Jørn Utzonbut completed by an Australian architectural team,

construction was by Australian builder Civil & Civic."

All true, just trying to make a small country look a little bigger, no offense.

But I think we can agree, it's looking great.

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Just checked out B4, 

Rachel in bed with her laptop, so there is a slight bate chance,

Sara prone spread legged on her bed with panties,  Oks was in shower, Aya on couch in LR

All this happened within the hour 😏

And hey diddle diddle the cat ran away with the spoon 🤣


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21 minutes ago, happyone said:

Oks and Rachel now have wine and cookies in Rachel's room 

but the cat followed Oks to the room to diddle 

What the FUCK?  One in the actual bath with THE OTHER TWO sitting on the floor chatting. This website is more fucked up that it ever has been.

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