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Replay skipping on seconds ever hour


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It's been happening for ages every time RLC time on REPLAY goes to the start of ever hour the time for example 13:00:02 will skip to 13:00:06. It happens on all cameras and all apartments. I sent an email to RLC but if more where to send an email it might get fixed.

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Yep, been like this for as long as i can remember. My theory is this - The machines they use to record all footage will be on timers, they will have several i would imagine or at least several HDs or whatever storage, and if so, then my bet is that they are set to start at particular times and end the same, so eg Machine 1 will record 10.00 am to 5.00pm, then Machine 2 starts at 5.00 pm etc etc. The changeover point results in loss of a few seconds and also why sometimes it gets stuck when on replay, when you have to change cams in order to keep the footage going. 

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