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  1. Just thought, a good sign she's felt like crap this week. She hasn't cleaned the apartment. That shows she's been down and unwell.
  2. Better view! They're quite ample nowadays aren't they!
  3. Yeah, simply that she took his brush out last night, then has put it back into the drawer tonight. So the plan must have changed, but as i said, she didn't sound like she's in the mood for company today. It could therefore be her own choice.
  4. Yes so do i. And as i said, it was merely a suggestion that by doing that, it then could create more views, if people expected an arrival. That's all, nothing about what was actually written as a result on here.
  5. Whoa, calm down! No one said she gets paid by CC! All that was said is that doing something like that gets people watching and then perhaps chatting about it, that's all. Good for the view count. Nothing more than that Brokk!
  6. Who knows? But it was put forward as a suggestion, and it's something i wouldn't dismiss totally. Remember what Oscar Wilde said....
  7. Unless it's just the angle of the lighting, i think you may be right.
  8. Or she just wanted to create interest. If so, it had the desired effect. But how she sounded to Paul and how she's been the last few days, she hasn't looked in the mood to entertain as far as i can see.
  9. Ah! Toothbrush back in the drawer! So plans changed? Ok. I don't know. Please Leora don't have done this deliberate.... We watch anyway.
  10. Well there we go! Home alone. So, change of plans? Only coming tomorrow? Or like was said, to get the views up? I hope not the latter. That would be uncalled for, but it's worked. There's been nothing else to talk about!
  11. No. He doesn't live in Prague, and has to travel into the city on the train to see her. So they only ever meet when he comes here. And as for the Malia bit, yes, i believe that - But it changed after she met her guy, that's when her interest waned. By the end i think she felt used. JMO but it's what i think.
  12. It's not a case of pro or anti, it's the reason why he goes there now. He is literally the only person who can visit, now Malia is no longer around, but despite the relationship being purely platonic, we've already seen elements of clickbait happen (Talking on skype with her tits partly visible, giving quick slight flashes in the apt etc). It isn't just an old friend seeing another old friend, there has to be this 'show' aspect thrown in too for good measure. So, for everyone who thought what happened with Malia was staged and planned, then anything with him is the same. Just because it's a guy rather than a girl doesn't make it real, does it. And when she has a boyfriend anyway in Prague, plus Paul who she is still trying to get to go there all the time, then anything with him, especially one she's known for years and years as nothing more than a mate, can't be seen as anything other than done for cam views. Simple as that really. And quite frankly, i don't think he looks that comfortable when it happens.
  13. Thinking about what you said before, i hope you're wrong simply because she already has the loyal fan base and the views. If she did something like that deliberate or from spite, then that's just mocking fans. And that wouldn't be a particularly nice thing to do, would it.
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