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  1. Malia now lives with her husband in Ukraine.
  2. Here's an idea - Seeing as you find fault in every single thing that Paul does 24/7, and you clearly are a much better person, why not offer yourself to Leora? Get a flight to Prague from wherever you live and tell her the truth, that you are a much better lover, a better handyman, a harder working man, with a better diet, better manners, better everything. She can then compare you to Paul, you may be just the man she's waited her whole life for. We'll wait here for the results.
  3. She told him what she'd just read at 12.44, she started crying right away, he wasn't happy either and consoles her.
  4. That's quite a wrap of a towel on her head isn't it. Makes it look like she's wearing a turban. Perhaps she's wants to look a bit sheik. Chic. Yeah it works better if you say it.
  5. Paul wants to wear those specs more, this was on the cards the moment she stopped when she saw him wearing them, she was like 'Oh!'. Immediately all over him like a rash!
  6. Dare i chime in? Always say, opinion is one thing but blatant untruths, nah. He didn't make her get up for food, she did it all herself, it was her suggestion, ok? (....But why didn't he say 'you stay there' etc etc.....🙄) And don't forget - There are people who think it's weird they usually sleep apart. Yet some think they spend too much time together. So.....
  7. Yeah, Sky just confirming it's the Republic's worst mass shooting.
  8. 11 dead and many more injured after a mass shooting in central Prague a couple of hours ago, in the 'Old Town'. The incident place took place in the area of Jan Palach Square, a place they will know well. Sorry to bring horrible news but it is relevant i guess.
  9. He doesn't need to panic, well it's like riding a bike. You never forget your chords etc, it's just takes some time to get the dexterity back that's all. Mind you, she'd rather please the people who hate him at times, so her choice.
  10. That would be such a cool present, i doubt he's asked for one and he hasn't played since leaving so would be a good surprise. I said ages ago she should do this but now it's xmas, yeah. Get him an Epiphone J200 Leora. *(Plus for those who want him 'busy' at times, think - He can go and practice for a while in one room.....etc etc😉)
  11. Funny thing is, with the amount Paul sleeps recently, then it has given her more chances hasn't it, it's easy to forget there are opportunities which for whatever reason she didn't take. They have been spending more time together recently, i doubt that is anything more than what she wants, so it's the 'rock/hard place' thing isn't it - For all who say she is a one trick pony who just bates for views, they should be happy when they are cuddled up like a normal couple, yet they aren't are they! So she'll always come in for criticism whatever she does - And Paul will get it in the neck simply because she loves him and no one on here! Malia, she's gone quiet and apart from any mentions Leora gives out, i take it everything's fine. I think she left rlc behind the day she walked out the door, although Leora was for sure trying to get her back when the war really kicked off in Ukraine, simply to keep her safe, but it all sorted itself out when they moved out of the danger zone. So there was a chance she would have been seen again for a short while but it never happened, and as for the future, the only reason for Malia to go back to Prague is to see Leora, so if it does happen, it will only be a fleeting visit, but i'm not holding my breath.
  12. We know that Paul knows which side his bread is buttered on, he knows that she is the breadwinner (That's 2 mentions of bread) of the place so it's easy for him to make himself incognito for a while, he's done it often enough even recently hasn't he, going off to MALIA's room (😄) and allowing her to have some 'Me' time, especially if she drops a hint, which i'm sure does happen. But as we also know, it's not the best tactic to expect something nice when some of the things against Paul keep pouring in, she is not a fan of that and therefore, well, sometimes she goes quiet. It's the old natural thing of play nice and you get something nice in return isn't it. That's life, anyone reacts positively if they get the same given. So she'll always come good (pardon the pun) and people will get what they pay their bread for (That's 3).
  13. It's really sweet seeing how much they've been all lovey dovey, last night even in bed there was a lot of snuggling up and they're still hugging each other now coming home. No, of course it's not what a lot of people watch for and it's hardly replay material for most, but i really like seeing it and it proves how much they mean to each other, regardless of rlc or not.
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