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  1. Well one thing i can say the apartment went offline when they were fucking so the tenants don't put the apartment offline but RLC.
  2. I won't lose because i'm not getting into an argument about it so sorry to disappoint you.
  3. Last year with the big fight at B4 when the girls covered the cameras when the fight was going on if the girls can put the apartment offline they would but they can't because only RLC can.
  4. RLC is the only ones who puts the apartments offline not the tenants.
  5. The same someone who always tells you i presume. Not believing that for a second.
  6. RLC always ceases to maze everyone so new cameras been added could end up been something that could happen even though they didn't do it for the months offline RLC just finds an excuse to put the apartment offline to do this.
  7. It's in the previews you might not see if you don't have premium.
  8. Wow really where have you heard this. This is news to me.
  9. Would love to see more guests than just her I hope she doesn't stay long would love to see more guests staying over.
  10. She seems to be cutting some vegetables maybe she was cutting onions they always make people cry.
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