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  1. He hates this apt pure plain and simple an empty apt is much better than one filled with fun and excitement.
  2. I didn't say fucking you quoted my posted about the boredom about me saying new couple won't be as part as the old stale aptscurrentlyy on RLC right now. I'm saying that any new girls that come to the GOV apts everyone will be bored of them the same as everyone keeps saying if a new couple got added tomorrow we will be bored of them already.
  3. Basically all apts on RLC they have to earn an income somehow.
  4. And it will be the same for any new girl in the GOV apts i'm afraid.
  5. Why the fuck are you even bothered anyway when you don't have a RLC account what difference does it make to you anyway. Carla and her guest this weekend brought back what i subscribed to RLC from day one and that is fun and excitement but clearly only you and other are only interested in is seeing girls from GOV or wherever shoving their pussies in front of the cams for views. Now i'm done i'm not responding to this anymore because someone who doesn't have a RLC account doesn't get it. GOOD NIGHT.
  6. I have never seen her do it. She has Yanai to pleasure her.
  7. Actually you don't get it because i know what someone faking and putting on a front to get views for the cams is and i don't see that in the couples apts.
  8. Yes girls from the girls apt shoving their pussies right in front of the cams making sure it's right down the lens and adjusted right is way better than couple and friends socially in real life. Carla and the other couples don't put on this show crap of directing their pussies right in front of the cams.
  9. They will just be a couple apartment they won't have any link with them vacation apts. Your saying we will all be bored of them in a few weeks or months. My point is all the currents apts are at that level anyway. Just because a new couple and apartment is launched anyone can't say in a few weeks we will be bored of them.They most likely we be 10 times better than the current apts right now on the site. Boring boring boring. We cry out for new couple then we give out because they are boring after a few days or before any new couple get added. They most likely will have guest compared to Elisha and Pepik who hasn't had a single guest enter.
  10. Wake up it's has already happened for the current apts right now on the site.
  11. Yes i thought about but basically it's the same for all existing and any new apts. So it's just going to happen anyway regardless of who it is.
  12. It's strange you know how the GOV apt doesn't bore people because surely after all these years everyone must be pretty bored and sick and tired of seeing the constant repeats. So have some of the guest couple having their apartment doesn't come close to the boredom of the GOV apt.
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