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Cams out

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Thank you for constant contributions to CC SANPER

Right on topic as usual.  Keep in mind folks, he has self declared as ENTERTAINING so I  guess that makes stupid OK?

You see people this is a perfect example of what I've been saying all along,these kind of comments about me are exactly the reason why I blew on CC and became the most hated person on here,I didn't even say shit to hampelo, I was talking to someone else,and being nice and thanking them for contributing to CC, and he butted in with this shit smh....it's kinda like playing in shark infested waters or messing with a wasp nest,you get eaten alive by the shark or stung to death by the wasps,and everybody then wants to blame the shark or the wasps,when it was some idiot in the first place that didn't have enough sense to stay away from dangerous animals. :o :o
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