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  1. Well said Nagachilli2 and Corboblanc. Melina would be moved by such kind words. We agree that Melina will be an amazing mother. We all will pray for her, the baby, and her significant other. To see the baby growing in his mother was memorable and brought back memories. Even in these times of Covid-19 we hope everyone has the best holidays ever. Every Christmas season we will remember our mom to be "Melina". Take care and God bless.
  2. Hi all. We just seen a little friction between Carla and Yanai. She seems to mad at him in some way.
  3. Lord have mercy ze81 is absolutely correct. Very stunning and beautiful. Takes your breath away. Nice change on RLC. Hope to see her name on the roster.
  4. Kristy did it twice. The second time she actually had her thong to the side. Maybe soon she will unveil it completely like Alana. No hope for Kate but we already gave up on her.
  5. One great positive is Christmas is around the corner and we wish all on RLC and CamCaps a blessed and memorable holiday. I am so blessed to have what I have. Spent many Christmas's were spent away on duty. I have no regrets in serving my country. I would do it all over again without question. There are so many people out there with children and without children that won't have food for Christmas. I give monthly to Saint Judes Cancer Hospital and Feeding America. I figure this was the only way to give and know it is always going to a great cause. If you know some family out there not so fortun
  6. What technical issues. All the cams were working before they went UM. More lies and BS. This is just a theory but based on the conversations last night It is more likely them having a private gathering for Alla and Holly. Pretty sure if that is the case Holly's counter part will be there as well as other counter parts. Holly and Milina was quite chummy the last couple of days. Maybe Holly is allowing her counter part to have his way with Milina again. We seen Holly's counter part rubbing the shower head on Milinas crotch at the tub fiesta the other night. We then seen Holly's counter part yell
  7. nagachilli2 we couldn't agree with you more. A little mystic and anticipation is always good.
  8. nagachiili2 we all appreciate you stepping up and bringing the best out in her. We was beginning to worry about her but not any more.
  9. Wow!!! That is a different side to Monica we have never seen before. She is absolutely beautiful and all natural too. She has our vote.
  10. Happy1. We honor and respect your opinion but please don't mistake what you see in the mirror as everyone else's surmise. Take care and the best in your holidays.
  11. You are absolutely 100% correct. Unfortunately the personnel placed in these apartments starts with the personnel in RLC placing them there. In any type of business all good and all bad stems from management. The personnel working for the company making the decisions of how everything proceeds (ie) apartment location and size, cams, and personnel is a direct reflection on upper management. Obviously there is a majority of mismanaged individuals (ie) family members given a position because they are family, current tenants recommending people they know case in point Masha and Nelly. The two les
  12. Good maybe they are going to fumigate the place and eliminate Kristy and her band of misfits!!!!!!!!! 🤢 🤮
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