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Paul deserves cuckold

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After looking at this couple for months now, I think that Paul got a bit better in sex, but just a bit, he still does not touch or fuck Leora properly.. well that is not something new.

I really have this fantasy of taking idiot Paul in his apartment, tie him to a chair in the bedroom and fuck Leora like crazy in front of him... suck her pussy as it should and fuck her good for a couple of days.. so idiot Paul learns how to fuck a woman.

I also think that Leora has her pervert side and she is a bit of a nymphomaniac which is never satisfied.. but after fucking her good a couple of days would be more calm.. haha!! .. of couse in the begining would "act" as if being forced.. but then would love it, and scream of pleasure in front of idiot Paul...

Then I would leave the apartment and Paul would stop being idiot Paul and become "Cuckol Paul"... hahahaha!!

So someone that knows the real name from Leora and Paul?? Adress?? haha!!

Just kidding... only a fantasy  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D 8) 8) 8) 8)


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A fantasy is often sexual in nature, hence the reason many on this site have a fantasy about Leora, or any of the other females on RLC.  The reason I think fantasy is such a good choice of word is because a fantasy is a situation which is impossible, requiring skills the fantasiser cannot achieve, such as a high level of sexual ability.   

So I agree with you, all those super studs that fantasise about something they aren't capable of doing.  Another good word would also be delusional.

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Well... in the specific case of Leora and Paul it is impossible... but there are couples who fantasies with a cuckold situation and make it real.

Actually that happened to me, many years ago, I was young, I was in the street under a roof waiting for a rain to pass so I could walk back home. I was in my neighbourhood.. then a man stands besides me and we start talking about woman... I guess he was in his 40's and I was around 20, then he plain and directly told me that he wanted to see his wife to get fucked and that she was in his apartment waiting for a man that he picked up..

I do not why I accepted, it was dangerous.. to go to the apartment of a person I do not know? and what if he was lying and then "I" would get fucked.. haha!!.. I don't know.. maybe I was young.. maybe naif.. or maybe my tetosterone did not let me think.. so I said yes...

I went to his apartment... and it was true.. his wife was waiting in the bedroom... we had a brief chat... then he left the door a bit opened so he could see from outside... and I fucked his wife... she was screaming and really enjoying it... when I came (with condom).. the man came into the room.. he was extremely horny and fucked his wife as well...

Then he invited me to watch a football match and a drink... I was actually a bit shocked... I was young and did not have experience so I got a bit nervous and just left... they gave me their phone number but I did not dare to call or go there again.. The situation was weird...

Anyway... the fantasy that I described before was more a "forced" cuckold... but there are men and woman that like the situation to get their partner fucked in front of them... and the cuckold fantasy can become a reality...  8) 8) 8)

Maybe Paul is so lousy and stupid and selfish to give an orgasm to Leora that in his unconscious he wants to get Leora fucked by other man... hahaha!!

For the way I see Leora masturbating I can tell that at least she is fantasying on getting fucked by other men...

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