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Help me with payment to reallifecam.com plz!


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Hello guys!

I canceled my subscription at 2014

I've just found that can't pay for access to reallifecam.com

After discussion with support team they said the problem is my geolocation.

My credit card issued in Russia, and in Russia reallifecam.com is closed (by ip range)

If I use a proxy (German for ex.) , transation declined also ((

Can anybody help me and buy premium subscription for me and cancel it after month?

I'm ready to pay by PayPal or can pay directly on your card (using this service https://www.alfaportal.ru/card2card/ptpl/alfaportaleng/initial.html )

Payment will be made within several minutes!

Or another variant - could someone share his premium account with me for a month?

I'll pay as described before




I'm not newbie here


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IP range is blocked but you can still view it?  Even if someone were to do this how would you be able to view it.

Either a proxy server or a VPN would be the easy way.

I'm using Zenmate extension for Google Chrome (it's smth like proxy-server), you can change your location with one click

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You could try a tor browser (at about 300 baud speed), but then again, enabling cookies and java pretty much makes that useless.

Other than that, I think you're out of luck until we regain a free market on the Internet. None of us are holding our breath on that concept.  :(

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