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Leora in Details

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I think Leora is totally financial independent in all ways. She always takes care of her body, dress, lingerie, underwear, cleaning … etc

She always shows the perfect desirable woman whom all of us seeking. She is somehow perfect. It means for me a lady that takes care of herself always with no mistake or ignorance for minor details. I don’t see this details with others girls on different apartments.

It is a kinder gentler way of saying that Leora is Miss RLC girl.

She has to be mindful of her physical appearance, in and out. don't mean she gotta be a model, super fit, skinny, or athletic. just means that she makes an effort to be and stay healthy and sexy all the time.

(The Image Content is No Longer Accessible and has been Removed)

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Russian women in general are much more caring about their looks than American women. They will ensure that they have nice clothes and that their makeup is properly applied before going out of the apartment, even just to go shopping at the nearby market. When I visited Russia an 1998, I felt like I was in the land of supermodels.

While listening to Leora arguing with Paul tonight, I had a moment of deja vu. Leora sounded just like my late ex-wife. Both her voice and how she pronounces words. My ex was Russian and Leora sounded exactly like her.

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