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What happened to the Pics thread?

Guest Jabberwocky

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Nothing happened to the legitimate Leora & Paul pictures thread. That one is Split 2, and it's fine.

A newbie started a new picture thread with ordinary pictures by the name "Leora and Paul" pictures. Against the rules, but no one noticed. Other posters added about 4 pictures that were all deleted by PostImage.org almost immediately, so the thread was pretty useless. Then another newbie posted some nice "personal" pictures of Leora that were pulled from way-outside RLC. Fine for little squirrel, she's so pretty.

But then, a flood of violation reports came in from seasoned veterans. Their reports were valid enough. But yet, our posting rules are undefined for both newbies and veterans. So, with only two ordinary pictures panty pictures posted, about 6 other pics already deleted by PostImage (DMCA), and two highly controversial "private" pictures, and no discussion, I deleted the stupid thread. The captures can be recovered. But we need to set some limits and rules. It's not the same Internet world.

READ and provide your input about this thread:

(The Web Link is No Longer Accessible and has been Removed),

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