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Why Do You Question Me

Guest Kloun

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Guest Kloun

Dear CamCap people.

I am new here even though I have know about this site and RLC cams for sometime. My ex showed it to me and I liked watching it. Some one, not to named, sent me a personal message saying that I was not a "girl" because women generally do not watch porn which is voyeuristic in nature. Also I made comments about the girls in these apartments like a guy would.

This maybe true with most women, however there are we who are voyeurs just like men. We check you guys out all the time but we are better at not letting you notice.  I have been to see Thunder from Down Under in Las Vegas several times.

As far as commenting about the women, like a guy, it's because to me they're the main topic of most postings. I can say, I think Rita has nice tits which will make some baby very happy someday, can't I? Or Leora is a closet porn star.Or, that chick Rita needs to get ganged banged. I don't comment about the men too often or will because most everyone on this site is male. You don't want to read a post of my critic of a guys penis (dicks/cock for you who don't know what a penis is yet) do you? Be it such as it is now, I should start.

I discovered I was a voyeur when I was 12 years old, I saw my sister having sex with her boyfriend outside by the pool one afternoon, when they thought everyone was gone. Something about seeing him on top of her and going in and out of her, changed me forever.  Even though it was my sister I wasn't thinking about her. I was watching him.  I wanted to see more. The internet porn is my secret & my private way to watch.  I have mirrors in my bedroom so that I can watch when I am having sex too.

Long story short I am a voyeur too.    So to whom it may concern, get real this is year 2015, women are very much like men these days. We have been "liberated" as sexual beings who enjoy sex more openly than our mothers could. 

I just find it rude that some one would question my sex gender and  why I would be watching a site like RLC. Well here's some news for you: my bad habits are chocolate candy and porn, my good habits are chocolate candy and porn. 

Voyeur Anonymous meetings,find one near you if you have a problem with it.  "Hello my name is Chloe and I'm a voyeur".

To the person who wrote me, f#ck off I don't care what you think.... sit down and shut up because  you are ignorant. To everyone else, I enjoy reading your comments very much. Chloe

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