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As much as it is against RLC's policy to not cover the cameras, it should also be in they're policy that tenants and guests of tenants are not allowed to change clothes in nooks and cranny's!!  RLC is as far away from "REAL LIFE" as it gets!

I think if they cover the cameras and hide all the time then paid subscribers are not getting their moneys worth and rlc should offer All cameras FREE.then they can take all the money they have charged before and run their business.

But we know that is not going to happen.

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I'm glad that other people agree with this. I am a premium member and it bugs me when they hide. Sure, the point of this website isn't basically for seeing people have sex. But doing stuff like purposefully covering themselves and hiding during sex in order to hide from the camera and not because it is cold, is straight up wrong. They are in a closed off bedroom with ultimate privacy so covering up is like saying screw you to the people who pay to watch. Imagine how much money they would lose if everyone started covering up and hiding when doing sexual stuff even masturbating.

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