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After taking a year off of RLS...


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I decided to try the prem membership.

My thoughts (Not to be offending to anyone, just random thoughts):

I see Maya is still looking good except for tattoo.

Leora is sexy as ever. With Paul I don't have to hear that high pitch voice. (it's like fingernails on a chalkboard tome)

Alina vanished over night, did they get retired? If so I will miss seeing her friend.

The blonde in Dasha's cam is HOT!!! but probably a spoiled little princess. She is definitely sexy though!

Nina and Kira  don't do much for me. The skinny one needs to let the plump one sleep.

Zoya is cute but could be eating more.

Arianna and Veronica do not excite me in the least, but they didn't before so....

Carina and Sabrina - Smaller girl is ok and cute. Other one is well....

I have not seen enough of Nora to have much to say. Milana looks sweet as apple pie. Coco is attractive, clean freak (not a bad thing). I think Coco is too shy at times but.... hopefully that will change.

Nelly is a Leora part II. She is sexy energectic from what I have seen, which is not much

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Yeah I don't really get the negative comments here. If you don't like a couple/girl - don't look at them/her. Some comments are just down right cruel, if you don't like the site then unsubscribe.

Positive energy goes a lot farther in life than negative.

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I absolutely agree.  I still see the posts finding things to complain about instead of just shutting up.  Then justifying the complaints because they pay for a service not delivered to their expectations.  Most are not even premium.

I do not love the sight but it is better then others out there so I just pay and enjoy.  If I don't like it I will move on and let those that do enjoy live in peace - but not bring other down with my negative comments.

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Foamy likes this thread. We're actually discussing the women we enjoy, instead of calling them cunt-bitch-whores.

That's refreshing!  8)

So, you've been away, and discovered that Leora is still a classical Greek goddess. I agree. Maya is simply just a wonderful personality. I'm still a Nora lover at heart; though I think she was more fun in her own apartment. Milana is definitely a cutie. Zoya shows promise; though I personally will miss Diana.

I still haven't gotten over the loss of Meerkat.

What you've missed is that RLC has been going through a transition period, somewhat experimental at times. This results in a lot of bitching from CC. Both have gained a bigger audience, but I would prefer CC to be a little more fun like it was a year ago. Too many whiners and complainers.

Please, all of you, post positive things about the women you enjoy. It helps chase the trolls away, and makes it a better forum. Keep up the fine work.

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