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Leora the Ambassador

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It's no wonder they are first on the RLC list. Leora is a great ambassador for them.

1st she is cute

2nd she isn't ashamed of her body and likes to show it off

3rd she is home a lot

Remember back in the old apartment when they used to screw on free cams occasionally? They don't do that much anymore, but she is nude much more than any other RLC girl. Yeah, Paul is kind of a dud but he keeps her hanging around.

Maya gets nude once in a while and they even screw on the couch on those "special occasions" but she is getting chunky and is probably knocked up. She is following in Lora's footsteps. Nora is a super sex partner but is a sullen boring girl otherwise. Suzan has awesome tits but is like watching grass grow most of the time. Zoya is fun if she had a guy that was awake. I don't like lesbos. You never see Dasha or Adriana nude. Nelly and Taya may get over their hang ups, who knows.

But Leora, now there is a girl that sells RLC subscriptions. Bow legged little cutie.

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Remember that Leora/Paul replaced Lina/Mark.......who were listed first on the RLC roster. Their positioning had nothing to do with preference or popularity....they merely assumed the first position because that was the position open.

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