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  1. Don't these people ever have sex? I mean FUCK!, why does RLC keep paying them to lay around with their junk hanging out? BORING! I like tits as much as the next perv but a chance to see some good old organ bumping is what keeps me coming back to RLC. Maybe the guys hang out with their "Butt Buddies" too much or something....Makes me wonder how long this will go on. Maybe forever, as in the case of Julia. Her gash has just about healed shut. She may as well just let it hair over and hold a funeral. Maybe RLC sign contracts and they have to wait until they run out before they can give em the boot????? The only time I ever see these apt.s is when they pop up when starting a new session of viewing. Even free Camarads is more interesting.
  2. pudley

    Queen Diva

    Leora, I know you used to troll CC a few years back. I always liked the way you stuck up for ol Paul when jealous dudes would bad mouth him. I was just wondering how it feels to be the Queen Diva of RLC now? You have definitely earned it. Keep being your sexy self. The voyeur world worships you. They used to say Nora was their idol but you blow her away. It's not just your exhibitions that make you special, but after years of watching you, it's easy to tell you are a genuinely good person. Thank you
  3. I really like that they are practicing speaking English. It adds a whole new dimension and I'm becoming an even more avid fan than I already was. This place has more energy than any 6 of the others. Thanks Kids
  4. Thanks SC. I'll give it a try.
  5. I've just not looked at VH since they put that up. Just a couple of times to see if they have moved or removed it. It's just irritating enough and there are so many other things to see that; why bother???
  6. Well, Maya just paid the rent again this month.
  7. I can't access the web cams on Firefox or Chrome. I get a message saying: "Your connection is not secure. The owner of cams.camcaps.net has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website."
  8. pudley

    Layla & Eric - Part #3

    I quit watching when they installed the beads
  9. Kinda gets boring after a while. Time to go check out VH
  10. The biggest improvement would be more/larger servers to increase band width. Anytime something interesting happens all I see is BUFFERING - BUFFERING!
  11. pudley

    Zoi & Tim Part #1

    It's called intrigue. Trying to get you to pay to see the other cameras. LOL
  12. pudley

    Fiddle playing

    I'd expect more than just listening to fiddle practice from a site like this. They must think they have a captive audience to perform for????? I seldom even look at this apt. BORING!
  13. RLC needs to step up their game. I now check VH first and spend much more time there than RLC. Competition is a good thing and usually creates improvements. RLC is stale goods. If Leora wasn't there, I doubt I'd even bother to look in. BUT, I must admit that affair for Maya was pretty hot stuff while it lasted.
  14. pudley

    Zoi & Tim Part #1

    Damn, that was a quickie. But again, it's the 21st century and women are responsible for their own orgasms. hehehe
  15. It's all fun and games til somebody falls on their ass....