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  1. Most of us have fantasies about what they'd like these girls to do to them. My fantasy is to have Ilka cook for me. hahaha She does make some tasty looking stuff and seems to really like it. Oh, and she has awesome titties, too in case nobody noticed.
  2. When I was married to my EX. haha
  3. What happened last night? They were playing a game and having fun, then Sam gets all pissed off and jumps up and stomps out. They took turns in the other room supposedly trying to talk to Sam but soon returned. Ilka sheepishly gets dressed and leaves. Interesting
  4. Once again: Video thread. Yap Yap Yap
  5. I just wanted to get on the VIDEO chat and say: yap, yap, yap, yap, yap.
  6. I have been hoping for a hairy girl on here for years. HALLELUJAH!
  7. Is Leora screwing anything living these days or is she just beatin her meat and staying true to Paul?
  8. I'd like to add some of my worthless opinions and Unnecessary dialog to the "VIDEOS" thread. Maybe we can discuss the power of the piss ant or various colors of rain clouds. What else do you blab asses want to discuss on the "VIDEOS" thread?
  9. I'd just like to add my worthless dialog on the "videos" thread. What is the matter with you people?
  10. Just thought I'd add to this useless dialog. We click here expecting a new video and we get yap yap yap. Bunch of old hens
  11. I guess that is one way to address their crappy servers. Eliminate the free viewers on the popular apts. and reduce the bandwidth. I already wasn't a big fan of RLC but I did like to check in to see what Leora was up to. Now, there doesn't seem to be any reason to visit that site at all.
  12. A "Yankee" is like a "quickie", but you can do it by yourself.....
  13. Alright you old timers. Anybody have any info on Lora's kid or how they are doing since leaving RLC all prego? She had nice boobs so that kid should be big and healthy. haha He/she ought to be what, 5 or 6 now? I sometimes wonder how ol Harvey made out after Ariel broke his heart? And Nora, she hasn't cycled through for a while. I know I shouldn't give a hoot, but sometimes I feel like they all are old friends. After all, they shared their personal lives with us for a time. Wouldn't it be cool to know some of their history since leaving?
  14. I just found out that Russia celebrates Christmas on January 7th. No wonder they are putting up what I'm taking down. Proof that CC is VERY educational.
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