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What does RLC tell the tenents?


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I put this here because it does not relate to any specific couple. I have see a whole lot of speculation about what RLC tells their occupants and how their behavior reflects that.

The recent post of one of their advertisements, if real gave some insight to that. I have no idea what they tell these people so I will instead post what "I" would tell them.

This is a business. A business needs to make money and this business model depends on paid subscribers. Sex sells so by all means be as sexy as you feel comfortable with.

As part of our business model, we have free cams. The purpose of these it to whet the whistle of the visitor to wonder what goes on in the more intimate rooms and subscribe as a result. We suggest that you use the same principal.

By all means start you amorous adventures or be naked in the free areas, but move to the paid areas for the more explicit acts.

Here I must stop as I have no idea how their bonus system works. If it were me, I would base it on visits to the paid areas as hits on the free area may not mean much.

Well, there you have it -- my two cents.

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