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Sex Ed


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In the UK there's just been a programme in which a Belgian Sex Ed teacher came to teach British children SexEd. First she taught them parts of female genitalia. Most of the girls where unaware that they even had a uretha  :o

They clearly had not been taught anything. She also give them a homework topic to masturbate - how would you prove you've done it.

She spoke to the Minister for Sex Ed and asked whether he would put forward the teaching of female sexual pleasure. And what a surpise, the guy mumbled and looked clueless.

in the 21st century, this is just a disgrace.

Admitted my sex ed was given to me when I was 5 by my Mum "Boys have something which sticks out; girls have a hole. Work it out" Other than that nothing from school and they complain when people learn sex from internet porn - well they've no other choice!

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In the US we have people still pushing dramatically unsuccessful abstinence only programs which unrealistically teach that teens will choose abstinence over contraception. Not surprisingly, these areas have the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country. Areas that have opted for comprehensive sex education which includes information about contraception have seen teen pregnancy rates plummet.

There remains this idea that female pleasure derived from sex is tawdry. It's sad.

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Well yes, and last year (surely no coincidence that we have a Muslim culture Minister) the making of all videos which showed women having pleasure from sex (masturbation, cunnilingus, the moment of orgasm) are not allowed to be made in the UK though we still watch foreign porn on those subjects. It's just retarded. And despite how angry many women get on this there some to more self-righteous middle aged prudes who want to deny anyone else the pleasure they might or might not have had in their youth just before hosting an Ann Summers Party because it's alright for them.

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