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  1. Actually I blame the writers, Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatiss, brilliant though they have usually been with Doctor Who. They just got carried away with their own cleverness.
  2. I have the complete short stories of the "real" Sherlock Holmes. No-one could top Jeremy Brett's portrayal although I guess Basil Rathbone is looked upon as the classic version. I think the Benedict Cumberbatch version, however well it started out, has gone up its own arse.
  3. Just been told the angle of Camera 3 has changed - I was too busy looking at The Goddess to notice - and obviously it appears to be an improvement. I am hoping the camera maintains its quality.
  4. Sadly I have missed The Goddess today and have just been for a long shower. However pertinent to the recent posts she was in the pose of the Rokeby Venus, except towards us, on the couch naked fully on Camera 3. This was marvellous as I am not sure I have seen her quite like that before. I suspect she might have adopted that position in the past but if so it has been with Paul in front of her blocking her beauty. Today she was looking wonderfully cute there and I hope she gives a repeat. As I said at the start of the post I have no idea what she did before then.
  5. Forgive me if I have an overwhelming affection for Number 9 and I have to say the clearest shots I have got have been on Camera 3. However this is because whenever I have been on premium The Goddess doesn't do so much in the Bedroom - it's like she's asking me the question (of course she isn't) as to why I don't just enjoy her and Nelly on free cam instead of getting distracted by the others on Premium and she would probably be right. Yes I am aware of the Standard option.
  6. The problem for me was that another couple arrived. we were seeing plenty of Ilona in the LR until then and it was worth watching but the second the new couple arrived they just play cards. If they are going to do a multiple couples apartment they should maybe do it from the Nelly/Masha/Dasha/Annabel group or even Vanessa/Kitty where they have parties and nudity doesn't seem to be a problem. Also when it comes to organising parties, Queen Nora is the best but with Irma as her star you know you are in for a good time. After Nora left the parties Irma had seemed more for the benefit of that guy than us or indeed the other girls. BTW this may be my first post on this thread since My Belle left so all the doubters who claimed I wouldn't shut up ...
  7. Actually in the past money varied from girl to girl in Barcelona as you would expect and I'm not including bonuses here so if they were to pay for the alcohol equally then maybe some girls do have a reason for moaning but they should have negotiated better contracts. 2000 Euros a month is a huge pay packet for a Ukrainian and even pretty large for some East Europeans and Russians especially when one considers their lack of costs. And actually as for the girls who spend their money on clothing, well I don't imagine Barcelona is the cheapest city in the world to do that in, surely they could by them in Kiev or Moscow, which surely have some designer stores. Actually Moscow isn't cheap but I imagine Kiev is.
  8. Except food and drink of course. The Barcelona girls have been known to moan about that, especially the drink.
  9. Trump Will be Impeached

    Are you Russ Limburg? Because let me tell you this, Hilary Clinton is seen as part of the defenders of the capitalist system by the Corbynites in the UK who would rather Trump won than Hilary. Yes they are largely an ignorant bunch of people (and there are certainly those within that group who would love to bring everything under state control - I am referring specifically to Momentum who are like Labour's Tea Party) but they would not call Hilary one of their own ever. Corbyn almost won the last election in the UK and is a friend of Venezuela. Calling the French free market capitalists is something they would regard as quite an insult although Macron does seem to want to lead them that way now. The Labour governments of the 40s, 60s and 70s were all well to the left of anything that exists now and if you had dared claim they weren't socialists they probably ask you to step outside the pub, even the women. Certainly the 45-50 Labour government is having achieved the most in UK history. PS I don't find many of Corbyn's policies of renationalisation of many parts of the economy a bad thing at all, but he has surrounded himself with some dubious people, and while he doesn't seem to openly encourage the bullying of detractors like Trump does seem to do, he certainly has made no serious effort to condemn them. His foreign policy is basically anti-American and saying he would refuse to press the button at the same time as his party's policy of maintaining a nuclear deterrent is asinine. He is avowedly socialist and while he would say not, is certainly a member of the hard left while the leaders of Momentum who claim to be is fan club are out and out Communists, who for the last 30 years would not have been let near the Labour Party. Whatever you might say the dictionary definition is, Socialism is a broad church but the famous (notorious) Clause 4 of the Labour Party which related to the aim of bringing things into public ownership does not mean Communism. Blair quite rightly got rid of it because it is dogma. I don't think he would call himself a socialist because he wasn't but I daresay Gordon Brown would (call himself i mean not Blair) and he was a much feted Chancellor for 10 years - in the US you don't really have an equivalent because the Chancellor is almost as powerful as the Prime Minister. Anyway Hilary is not a socialist and neither was Obama or Bill. In any other Western country they would have been to the right of centre.
  10. Thanks and welcome j2hoggc1. I can't remember if they have the utilities paid for by RLC. The rent certainly is but anything extra I can't remember.
  11. The rolled up carpet has given Eva a nice den.
  12. Trump Will be Impeached

    Hilary Clinton, a socialist ... if she was then Bernie Sanders would hardly be against her. I do remember she lost to Obama because she lied about what happened in Yugoslavia amongst other things. The Democrats should have chosen another candidate and not Sanders because he was too left wing to win in the US. But I agree with you unless the can concrete the claims about Russia there is nothing to impeach him on, terrible man that he is.
  13. Maybe the theory is that she will spend more time in the LR if she has a nice carpet to lie on and be closer to Paul if he is working more on the computer or maybe she wants to be warmer in the winter. What central heating do they have, is it in the floor because I don't see any obvious radiators?
  14. How can I argue with The Goddess? But what's this I spy? A new carpet and The Goddess already using it. Of course as a free cammer actually the sofa is closer.