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  1. Damn, looks like I got here too late. Maybe someone will upload again? Serves me right for not visiting often enough.
  2. Just throwing my threepennyworth in the Paul debate. Paul is certainly above average intelligence and we all know The Goddess has a lot of academic curiosity as well and we know how talented she is. You certainly should not judge intelligence and knowledge based solely on employment situation. You may make other judgments about that, although you really need to know a person quite well, which I'm sure very few if any of you do with Paul, to make those kind of assertions with any authority. Judging a person's intelligence is somewhat easier.
  3. Stars are stars. They are normally fairly apparent from the start. They will probably always be stars. Some are stars that are almost universally loved like The Goddess, Irma, Kristy too. Then there are the more Marmite stars like Sophie, Megan etc. who several people will complain about but are guaranteed big audiences but I think it is the former group that keep people subscribing because people like them or worship them in The Goddess's case.
  4. I think it happens too quick and a lot of animals don't move so fast. It's tragic for people and animals. I've a friend as I'm sure many do who got caught up in the Californian fires.
  6. Well no-one in Barca history has had to share rooms as much as her. In fact she's barely had a room to herself since she started. And she's hardly ever been in big bath - I think that has quite a bit to do with the pain she gets from soap suds. Even during the 4some when it was getting real hot swapping partners she had to stop. I would have loved her to have taken a few dancing showers in there. Last time apart from the awesome 4somes (well 2 out of 3) Belle seemed somewhat restricted by Nate and especially his illness, so maybe you can look forward to more with other girls than last time if she stays. We know she's capable.
  7. She did of course start her life at B2 sleeping on the sofa even after she officially became a resident because her room was too cold.
  8. Yeah and I don't want to read most of the posts on here but I have to put up with their shit. You could put me on ignore, but yeah the ignore system doesn't work so well. Considering the amount certain people post (and 2 of them when I was here managed to post 100 times in a day whereas I posted an average of about 4 a day during her last month) I've been remarkably restrained. So I'll post what I want when I want. I've never put you on ignore so you must be doing something right.
  9. Political all over the shop. Thanks guys for killing this thread.
  10. OK I am going to have to assume you're trolling. Or you don't understand English.
  11. Read the European Political thread.
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