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  1. I'll have to leave the Irma war, Good Night Voyeurs! I'm off to dream of My Belle.
  2. That's the most ridiculous thing anyone's said in the history of the world. I gave Benfold Becca but he seems adamant and I was kind of giving the role of Irma's protector to you. There is more of Irma to share than My Belle.
  3. I'm going to give up on tonight and when I do that things tend to happen ... Night, everyone.
  4. Probably ordered to, or just thought it wouldn't be so bad if she had Karol and Danaya to fall back on ... and that's a lot to fall back on.
  5. Fair enough Ben but I think Becca needs you more ... Irma has an entire army. I shall go back and amend the list.
  6. Well I have seen some of those (FAKE) sorority hazing videos You must munch pussy.
  7. Is anything more going to happen tonight? Surely they are done with massages and 5/6 girl pile ups never worked at B2 but another game of spin the bottle would be most welcome ... especially without panties. Thank goodness there wasn't a camera angle from which we could watch "Desperate Houswives" but I'd be interested if they stuck on "Game of Thrones" or more appropriately "Masters of Sex".
  8. Nicole in her usual position as far as possible from the other girls. I'm very surprised she came back.