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  1. Yeah and I don't want to read most of the posts on here but I have to put up with their shit. You could put me on ignore, but yeah the ignore system doesn't work so well. Considering the amount certain people post (and 2 of them when I was here managed to post 100 times in a day whereas I posted an average of about 4 a day during her last month) I've been remarkably restrained. So I'll post what I want when I want. I've never put you on ignore so you must be doing something right.
  2. Political all over the shop. Thanks guys for killing this thread.
  3. OK I am going to have to assume you're trolling. Or you don't understand English.
  4. Read the European Political thread.
  5. That was mainly process - dipped very briefly into populism - but that was a good post.
  6. I refer the honourable gentleman to my reply above. The mods did not start the thread, I did. There is another thread to discuss this.
  7. Clearly I do because you cannot get the message how often I repeat it which I have done several times. I started this thread and was explicit about it what it was for Perhaps you believe threads spring out of nowhere. There is a European Political Thread which people seem unable to see. I have deliberately tried to avoid the politics. It is not my fault you can't understand that. Please start a thread so I can corrupt that.
  8. So last night was probably uniquely British. It is no good people being surprised that a parliament designed to be confrontational is confrontational. One thing I do not understand and this goes on both sides that when a question is asked the PM or the Leader of the Opposition can simply fail to the answer. It should be up to The Speaker but I guess that is not parliamenentary procedure for some reason. How then can there be scrutiny. FOUR times last night Boris was asked the same question. Each time it was asked with another question which enabled him to answer another part and give the same answer as Gove had earlier when being asked when the subtitle (or title) of Yellowhammer had been changed and who authorised it which was that the facts were base but the scenario was not, but that was not the question. It is a weakness not just of the UK's democracy but I am certain of other ones as well. In the US you can plead the 5th which is at least understandable. If you give a speech that will have an impact you MUST use emotive language. But now parliament is televised then you can expect politicians to be addressing people outside the house which really they should not be doing because a debate is taking place (well not last night) and the only people who can vote are already supposed to be listening to it - MPs are the only constituents here. On another note it is depressing to see the same group of probably less than 50 of the 650 (-Sinn Fein and The Speaker) MPs - far too many as everyone knows - speaking durin these debates. Those who put questions to Gove and the Attorney General were very much the same as those asking Johnson once the 4 (or 5) main party leaders had had their turn. Also, and I might be wrong about this, but the Tory Rebels seem to be sitting on the Government side whereas the DUP are sitting opposite the PM which seems bizarre. The Speaker goes from side to side so this ends up with 3 pro-PM and then 3 anti-PM questions.
  10. Sounds like a challenge but on the L&P thread I did used to be the biggest picture poster sometimes posting 100 pictures at a time. Today's posters are small fry. Meanwhile: THANK THE GODDESS!
  11. Tempted as I am to launch my enormous collection of The Goddess on this thread. I would be using time I could spend watching the RLC deity as she currently is.
  12. Boris refuses to deny he had an affair with an American he gave more than a 100K of UK public money to. Of course it is not news that Boris has had an affair (let's face it, people say he's not even sure how many children he actually has) but this is corruption if true which as he won't deny it... but then with Grant Shapps (if indeed that is his real name because we know he goes by others) and the Pritti Patel in his cabinet, then maybe that's the norm.
  13. The Tory Party has lurched to the right. It is a process that started in the early 2000s, checked by Cameron who with Osborne was still financially right wing, but his been gathering apace as alarming as the Labour Party's shift to the left. This leaves are massive gaping hole for the Liberal Party to fill. Thanks to Brexit they are starting to pick up the left wing of the Tory Party and the right wing of the Labour Party. However I do not agree with their policy of ignoring the referendum. I am not even sure it is legitimate to have another referendum yet. It delegitimises referenda in the general. The SNP clearly have absolute ZERO respect for the result of their own referendum which was run entirely on their times and they still lost by a convincing margin. My view is very clear that referenda should require a much high bar, either 50% of the electorate, or 60+% of the vote simply because of the phasic nature of binary options. If you held an EU referendum pre 2008 it would have convincingly lost and if you held one now the result would be probably overturned - the only reason it mightn't would be people who voted Remain yet respect the Leave victory. Similarly the SNP are absolutely desperate to hold a referendum now because of the political turmoil at Westminster despite saying at the time there wouldn't be another one for a generation which I took as 30 years, most Scots took as 25, the extremists took as 15 and Sturgeon thinks of as 5. The point is they chose to hold a referendum with YES on the ballot paper (psychologically that is worth about 2%) and Cameron didn't stop them and when they were hosting The Commonwealth Games, the oil price was high and of course on the 600th anniversary of Bannockburn which according to Scots is the greatest victory in the history of the world although Scots were on both sides and very few English were fighting at all ... but their propaganda story means far more to them then any facts. Despite all that they lost by 10%. Holding a repeat referendum on the EU would in certain eyes legitimise calls for another one. So back to the Liberals who would simply remain in the EU. A policy (their previous one) of holding another referendum would not actually make LEAVERS do everyting to defeat but simply tear up Article 50 (the notice that the UK is leaving the EU) would focus the LEAVERS minds on doing everything to stop the Liberals so I really think this policy is self-destructive. I can foresee in constituencies which are Tory/Liberal marginal, all of the Leave vote going to the Tories. Similarly in Labour/Liberal marginals, while they won't be a deal Brexit Party supporters and even Tories, who would previously have voted tactically for the Liberals, may well now vote Labour ... unless Corbyn comes off the fence. Corbyn is way more committed ideologically to leaving the EU than Boris but his party isn't and so he does everything he can to prevent his party backing any kind of Remain. I thin k the Labour Party should have backed May's deal and the only reason they didn't is because Corbyn's focus was not the good of the country but his idea that somehow he will win an election out of the chaos, entirely failing to recognise his own party are seen as part of that chaos. However if the Tories did not have such a fanatical right wing they would have left on March 29th anyway. It is not up to the Opposition to help the Government win votes, that is the Government's job. The plain truth is that reason we are in this mess is due to the self interest and party politics of almost every single MP.
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