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  1. BBsq69

    Anabel & Efim - Videos (2018)

    Oh no I missed the Anabel bate. Any chance this could be uploaded again - all I get is 404. Really sorry because I normally check every couple of days.
  2. hi BBsq69, plz do u know how i can fix that rlc playlist fail?

    1. BBsq69


      I am not sure what you mean. Do you mean Replay? I would point out that it is about 6 months since I used it.

  3. 2-2 2-1 Slovakia v Czech already kicked off!
  4. Girls who behave like that have no place in RLC unless they atone for it by appearing in a massive fucking orgy!
  5. BBsq69

    Leora & Paul - Pictures (2018)

    Surely we'd wish to be Paul at every moment although we wouldn't necessarily always act in the same way.
  6. BBsq69

    US General Domestic Politics

    What of course I meant it that it SHOULD reflect the current voting patterns and not rely arbitrarily on the lifespan of judges. This whole attempt to block is a farce (whether he is guilty of anything is a matter for the proper courts not a Senate Committee) but it is caused by the system in place.
  7. BBsq69

    US General Domestic Politics

    It is quite amazing that if you are going to have a political judiciary (and I hope we never do in the UK where it is not the judiciary's job to make decisions based on their own personal beliefs, however difficult that may be to avoid) then it should reflect the current voting patterns. At a very minimum the US should end this position for life nonsense. If you had a system whereby the longest serving member had to drop out every 2 years with the replacement being chosen at the start of a Presidential term by the President and at the start of every mid-term by the Leader of the Senate or the Leader of the House alternately then I think that might better represent the will of the people while catering to the supremacy of the President. It would stop all this approval nonsense - if somebody dies then maybe wait until the next appointed date and if it wasn't their turn you get 2 hits! The maximum term would be 18 years and I might suggest that the new appointee always be from the age of 45-60. OT I'm being a bit generous there. because probably my upper age would be younger. I'm all for age limits. We have some stupoidly young MPs - one of the Scottish ones was still an undergraduate and complained about having to come to London! To me you should not be in charge of your country until you are at least 50 or hold a senior post until you are at least 40 because you should have done some living first. I do like the fact that a President is only allowed 8 years - any longer and a kind of power madness seems inevitable. I certainly would not let anyone start the job past 65. Normal people have to retire before they're 70 so politicians should quit when they're 75 and give the next generation a chance.
  8. BBsq69

    US General Domestic Politics

    I am surprised they laughed. TBH I would have expected every jaw to hit the floor. He's speaking to the UN not the kindergarten class that attend his rallies. Even in the kindergarten now he's feeding them Bs but they excuse as he's just acting like he did on reality TV, which they like. Only a maximum of 6 years before the rest of the world can engage with the US again - maybe 2 if we're very lucky. And today the BS with China. Doesn't believe that Russia, despite the shit load of evidence, tries to influence western elections but then openly accuses China with none. I could quite understand why China would want the Republicans to lose, just like you could say a lot of countries have an interest in the outcome of elections and Russia were not the first to try it just the first to find a possible effective way of doing it, but wanting and doing are 2 different things.
  9. No idea how videos work but this could be the greatest video ever made, at least I and my friends think so tonight: Brexit Titanic