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  1. Time for bed yoga, My FlexiBelle SexiBelle
  2. It is shame RLC became so brutal about posting pictures otherwise I'd post My Belle's painting here. I used to post plenty of The Goddess's work.
  3. I wonder if My Brilliant Artistic Belle has finished her painting yet. She has certainly shown us the full process over the last 3 days.
  4. It also depends how you feel about the girl. I don't think I could ever tire of watching The Goddess and certainly not of her bating even two or three times a day. Similarly if My Sexy Belle did the deed more frequently I am sure I would enjoy it every time maybe not as much with frequency but certainly more than almost anything else. And she can do bed yoga 5 times a day as far as I'm concerned.
  5. My Belle back on the bed but defended by a towel. I hope it comes off soon.
  6. Good morning My Beautiful Brilliant Golden WonderBelle
  7. I'm still enjoying My Cute Sexy Belle on her bed but then I always do.
  8. Bizarrely I've only really had them with RLC girls never with the girls I've actually slept with. Probably because my dreams get more intense all the time. I say RLC girls but really twice with My Belle and once with The Goddess.
  9. Come on now don't get me too excited. I did actually have a dream about My Belle which was really unusual because it did actually include the feeling of being inside her.
  10. There was a football manager (of Bury) called Alan Knill (silent K) which is not a good name for someone in that profession.
  11. When he gives Amina oral is that Nil By Mouth? LOL
  12. It was good to see Tiana at the party yesterday. She chatted a lot with Sofie.
  13. Now Blair giving a brilliant angle of approach as My Impetuous Belle suddenly ran off.