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  1. I kind of assumed she would be. So only Belle, who's not spending much of the time around midnight here recently and Angel who goes to bed often before Belle's even gone it. No-one can fault all 3 of the girls for giving great entertainment but although they all get on well it does seem a bit dysfunctional at the moment and I long for the 24 hour party atmosphere to return but then maybe we'd get less of all 3's spectacular nudity.
  2. Casual dress for Belle tonight. don't know if they Sunday evening shopping in Spain. In the UK pretty much everything closes at 4 or 5. We know the swingers' club seems to want that kind of attire presumably so you can shower and get down to your underwear when in the club or borrow a costume but you look fairly normal going in but unless she has an Alex I wouldn't have thought she would have gone by herself so I think this trip out may be quite innocent.
  3. I was going to ask about the time because I wanted to see it but apart from Belle maybe giving better angles and going in from behind there is every indication that it would be about as exciting because that was only a little above a Stesha bate. This does surprise me from Angelina but I think there is a bit of nonsense on here, as always, about what is real and what is not and if that was one of her real bates then I'd rather see an unreal one. Please understand what I am saying before you jump down my throat - with some "Oh you are only saying that because you don't like the limelight being stolen from Belle" pause and read my first sentence - because Angel is the most experienced performer in the house and we have plenty of evidence for that which we cannot put on the thread. If she did this in a film then no-one's going to watch so maybe that is how she bates, and maybe that's how Danaya, who comes in for a lot of criticism, bates and maybe just every girl bates as they would do normally. Yo can say "But look at The Goddess, isn't that a show?". To the extent that the viewers are not far from her mind yes but look at her face this constant improvement to different physical stimuli is allowing her to enjoy herself more and more and the fact we are enjoying it more and more is at the same time irrelevant and highly relevant to her. However I am sure I saw an uncovered bate from Angel last week - well uncovered from the cam near the balcony - temporarily forgotten the number. And just in case, you are not sure, I enjoy watch Angel, her personality, her nudity and she seems to be doing her own thing just the bate was a little dull - but I admit if I saw Belle exactly the same thing I would be a little more excited but not as I am of her naked sexy dancing at the moment. I have said many times before what I am interested is pussy particular detail - thanks to all the girls for that now, even though Belle was a little late to the party on this visit she has made up for it as much as she can with the cameras and the lighting in the last 2 nights - so a bate like that I suppose would have been great once but now it is like "whatever". No criticism of any girl is intended here, just my thoughts.
  4. Rider ... you obviously have only watched while she's been in B1. In B2 she has been on fire for a week.
  5. I knew what it said ... and I won't comment more except that Belle fantasies have gone through the roof. If she turned up at my house like that she'd need to make sure she brought some smelling salts. This girl is my fantasy in every way.
  6. Oh shame, she put her panties on, so no sexy naked dancing this afternoon but I guess we've had enough in the last 24 hours. My Belle the last week has been awesome. Surely all the doubters have gone. Please stay the full 90 days? I would be so happy. My Belle Sexy Belle
  7. 05:48 After a second attempt because she wanted to put some stuff on her face ... too easy, don't bother ... My Belle has switched off her light after another epic night of nudity. I can't imagine what she'll be like when she's really back LOL. Goodnight My Belle Although she's still watching her tablet at 8 minutes to 6 o'clock.
  8. I think Belle is planning to see how long I will watch her for. I must admit I'm beginning to feel sleepy - well most of me is, there is one part who's wide awake
  9. Wonder if Irma and Stella are having time to text My Belle - she looks as though she could do with a laugh and I'm sure those 2 could satisfy her.