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  1. Well this is the problem. With Boris you cannot tell what will happen. Boris possesses no beliefs so is only driven by his own ambition and he demonstrated this while at Oxford when he would flip to whatever view was the most popular or would put him in the best position. For example when May said she would stand down within weeks if she won the vote on her deal, Boris having declared he would do whatever the DUP was happy with, immediately (and absolutely immediately) switched to supporting her deal followed by the bulk of the ERG (European Research Group who wanted the most complete break possible) who worked out they could take control of the process. Boris knew the power was shifting to the right so he decided that in order to capitalise on that he would support the Leave campaign - and given his talent for publicity he rather than Farage or genuine Eurosceptic (but hitherto liberal) Gove. My personal feeling is Boris will get a deal because now he has to. Without the "No Deal" option which many on the right favour even though it wasn't really mentioned during the referendum he cannot just let "No Deal" happen - well he can but not in any way that would not lead him into difficulty - which may well have been his plan.And remember this is not because he believes in democracy but because he feels it is a position he can defend to the people who might want to support him. I often criticise politicians who are weighed down by dogma just because they cannot be flexible but someone who does not care about any ideals can be dangerous. As for what is going in the Supreme Court - an idea Blair got from the US although it is not political, at least in theory - I don't see it as having any big effect on Brexit. All the proroguing (suspension) of parliament meant was that those against "No Deal" had to act very quickly and they did so the effect should not be that much. It is designed mainly to embarrass Boris but I think that might be impossible anyway. Boris has now put his ( almost certainly not his) ideas to the EU but, even if he turns up with something concrete, the Commons may still reject any deal he does although my feeling is they won't but we'll see.
  2. Singing and looking unbelievably happy. She just gives me that warm feeling that no-one else can.
  3. The Goddess looking so sexy just looking at her phone. Those that don't recognise how special she is are missing out.
  4. Anything that shows off her arse is more than welcome. Personally I love girls dancing and exercising, particularly unclothed. I might even prefer that to bating.
  5. But again that response is political. There is another thread
  6. Actually Rob and you will probably agree with me on this, it was a reference to what a ****ing cock-up our politicians have made of the whole situation. Whatever side anyone is on, we can all agree the process has been a shambles.
  7. This is the place to discuss the political view of Brexit unless you want me to start a new thread? Boris has been lying to The Queen just like May did before about the support she had from the DUP although you could argue she was being misleading and I suppose say the same about Boris. To suspend parliament days before possibly the most crucial decisions facing the UK in its history is not normal and everyone knows that. If Boris thinks he can lie to the Head of State or indeed MPs like he lies to the public - and there was a court case about that but it was thrown out as I guess where do you stop with politicians lying to the public although personally I would like to see politicians officially called out for lying and in fact Boris has already had that happen to him to no consequence so he repeated the lie - he is deluded. Will Boris get his way? Possibly, because the opposition parties were too stupid to coalesce around an alternative which they could have got through parliament and it is a bit late now. There should as one of the whips said been all party talks 2 years ago after May fucked up an election she called - actually despite running the worst campaign in history (and many senior Tories have admitted that) she won 43% (I think) of the vote which under normal circumstances would have done the trick but then the Lib Dems were still in recovery so Labour hoovered up the vote and for a few minutes May even made Corbyn look like the statesmen he obviously isn't. The opposition should have got behind the softer Chequers deal, which the EU may not have gone for although they would have looked like the bad guys, and then, when even William Rees Mogg and Boris voted for it, the May deal. It is not a great deal but still a compromise the Labour Party should have been able to stomach.
  8. No Brexit is political but I explicitly said this thread is about process or questions about process. You have seen what becomes of political threads and I have said before the correct place for that is elsewhere (European Politics) otherwise this becomes like a Trump thread.
  9. I must confess I did used to watch our version just to see if I could second guess the banker. It wasn't that hard and he mostly got away with murder possibly because the contestants couldn't do the Maths. One thing is for sure if you asked me who would be the worst celebrity to be in charge of Brexit, Noel Edmonds would be high on the list.
  10. This isn't a political forum that's European Politics. It was supposed to be more an explanation of what's going on.
  11. Well Micheal Dobbs who wrote "House of Cards" all those years ago is in The House of Lords and may possibly even believe in No Deal. I just wonder if Boris makes use of his Machiavellian touch. Never watched the American version but do remember Ian Richardson's brilliant performance in the lead role of the original British version. But really Armando Iannucci ("The Day Today"(*), "The Death of Stalin", "The Thick of It" -> "Veep") could not have made this up. * But surprisingly not "Brass Eye" which Chris Morris wrote with the "Father Ted" team - now that I didn't know.
  12. Now with parliament suspended which a court case has shown Boris (or more possibly his adviser Cummings) was planning this before No 10. said it wasn't being planned - so someone was either lying or misinformed - Boris can ask people to figure some way out for him. It is traditional for The Speaker to be elected unopposed (well at least by the leading parties). However there was talk of the Conservatives putting a candidate up against him. He is (or was, I guess) a Conservative MP. With the threat of an immediate election looking unlikely unless Boris pulls another trick, John Bercow has decided to stand down. Doing that now means a Speaker will be elected by the current House of Commons rather than a post election one which means it is likely to be someone who is not going to let the government have its own way. One of The Speaker's main jobs is to let backbench MPs have their say which no government likes. He's also chosen the date of October 31st to stand down ... the date of Brexit. He does have an eye for theatre. The latest is that Boris will try to allow Northern Ireland to stay partly in instead of the whole UK. This will cause all kinds of border problems especially with the terrorists still active. It might work and if does then it is a harder deal than the opposition parties have voted against so effectively it will be a win for the hard right who will still claim it is not hard enough because they have become increasingly bolshie and seem to have a need to hate something. If you had offered it to them 5 years ago they would have thought it was Xmas. Of course the Unionists of Northern Ireland are furious ... but then I don't think any deal would ever satisfy them ... but Boris, considering he has destroyed his own majority so recklessly, is unlikely to care about them. BTW The government has not won a vote since June. Meanwhile the Liberals have said they will stay in the EU whatever now while the Labour Party which is trapped by the fact that their membership is strongly Remain, their voters less so and their leader who pretends to be Remain but nobody believes him since he was previously a life long Leaver (but then Boris was a Remainer and only switched because he saw it as a chance to seize power) has said they would negotiate a deal and hold a referendum in which they would mainly campaign against any deal they negotiated. It is not as mad as it seems, but then it seems very mad and is open to easy ridicule by the right wing press - that's not political, the press is factually mainly on the right. This is what happens when you have weak leadership.
  13. Here's something I forgot to report but it is something which indicates the dangers of archaic parliamentary practices. Stephen Kinnock (son of former Labour leader, Neil, and EU Commissioner, Glenys, and husband of the former Danish PM) put an amendment to the extension (anti-No Deal) bill I mentioned above which would ensure the thrice rejected May Deal (which personally I hoped would be backed even though I didn't like it) would be put forward again. His own party were whipped (instructed) to abstain and the Tory Party were given a free vote. Now there are supposed to be tellers for each side. In this case the opposition were in charge of counting the YES votes and the government were in charge of counting the NO votes. However the Tories did not send any tellers. Therefore nobody recorded the NO vote and so YES won. This was a shock and not what the opposition wanted. The Brexiteers who don't like the May Deal nevertheless thought this was very funny and might prove a stumbling block to the bill since the parties then have to effectively back the May bill if they want to back the delay which is at the very least embarrassing. I am not sure if this has ever happened before but suspicion was heavily on the fact that the government under Boris had done this deliberately and doing things that have never happened before is very typical of a man with no respect for anything. It could have been just massive incompetence but (and this is political but only slightly as a lot of his supporters would say the same) again that would be typical of Boris. BTW Remainers have been clearly ahead of Leavers for some while. This, for most people, is not about remaining in the EU but not leaving on terms dictated by people who represent less than a third of the UK population.
  14. No Amber Rudd, the former Home Secretary (No 4. in the UK hierarchy after the PM, Chancellor and Foreign Secretary) under Theresa May. She was a journalist and the aristocracy consultant on Downton Abbey!!!
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