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  1. This really is annoying especially on Apartment 1 but 2 things they could do. 1. Not have the music so loud - I think we all remember Polya and Belle's reaction to that. Wish it had been different but that's they way they are 2. Start earlier in the evening and make use of Friday, Saturday and Saint's Days of which they are a plethora in Spain. If there is a loud party at midnight at the weekend people really don't have much to complain about.
  2. Or being in front of a camera ... Can you imagine what its like to have that on your mind? There are many reasons and to be honest sometimes you just don't know. I'm sure that most of the time it is rarely to do with the girl. He'll probably go home and masturbate with those images in his head (or watch on Replay) and he'll be fine. I honestly think very few men are obsessed with penis size. I know people this has happened to in real life as well but you see it on the media all the time and saying a man has a small penis seems to be a woman's default insult after a break-up or an unsatisfying encounter but you know 90% of that is BS. In fact when I talk to women in a group they (most of them) will talk about their admiration for a large member (I once worked as the only man on a group of desks with some very sexual women - "The Himilayas" I called them) but alone I find for many they don't want it to be too large certainly regarding anal sex. One Himalaya was probably the sexiest girl I have ever encountered and she flirted endlessly with every man including me, not that I stood a chance. She had an Iranian BF (maybe even fiance) and once he went on holiday to Iran and came back married. What a bastard! What a fool!
  3. It was nice for me that the girls finally visited the kitchen. It's been a long wait for not very much but as a voyeur I'm used to it. To me compared with other nights the girls did not appear to be in an ebullient mood. I got some Twin pussy but the red did not show it up well.
  4. Fair enough ... there's always one. You wouldn't want your pussy painted by these lovely girls and then rub them clean in the shower?
  5. Oh what a trial. I feel so sad for him ... NOT! Honestly listen to you guys. He's having a time you can only dream of.
  6. Well when he can no longer get it up ... which might be right now for all I know ... he will have some glorious memories especially when he goes home and uses Replay.
  7. It's been a dead loss for free cammers and it seems quite a trial for Premium viewers. Have you at least seen some decent Twin pussy?
  8. Define decent! Come on now. He's there and you are all jealous so you attack him. We've seen it on other forums when guys get attacked. Dima got attacked, probably by myself initially, but look what he did for RLC.
  9. The only thing that I would be able to salvage from this is if a naked Twin came down to the kitchen and I could get a good look at some live kitty.
  10. My theory is that Alex saw the body painting on RLC and asked Irma if she could arrange it. Irma asked the other girls and they agreed.
  11. Pay attention and you might find out. It was relating to N&B. Someone asked a question on here and I answered it.
  12. Well they are Bohemians but seriously she's very upset. She must have broken up with her BF.
  13. Waste of an evening for me. I was hoping to see more downstairs but I've already wasted 4 hours or so.