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  1. Tomorrow we in the UK go to an election that not only we don't want but that will probably make no difference whatsoever except to make us realise how truly shit our "strong and stable" PM is. First of all in 2010 the conservatives enacted legislation which ensured that we would have a fixed term parliament so never again could the party in power just hole an election when they felt like it and it was guaranteed to have 5 years with fear of being forced to the polls. Well Theresa May, Home Secretary, at the time said "Fuck that, Corbyn will be easy to beat because he's so fucking useless." Yes he is, but the problem with May is that she too is fucking useless, something we should have known after 6 years of being in charge of the police who she reduced in numbers by 20,000, border controllers who didn't check passports, and immigration from outside the EU entirely under her control which she failed to reduce by 1 iota. The electorate have spotted quite early on that just because she is woman, May is no Margaret Thatcher. She became PM because all the other candidates had metaphorically knifed each other in the back and as she had no strong views on anything she escaped controversy saying "Brexit means Brexit" which is utterly meaningless.
  2. This is very true. Foamy the Americans had to step in because simply no-one else would. The British Empire had collapsed and we were left devastated after the war ... that's a different subject ... and it was the US or the SU. Having visited Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union during the cold war, I can tell you what those people thought of communist rule and let me tell you their were very few happy faces behind the iron curtain. There was deep hatred of the regimes anywhere. I can tell you that Corbyn and his friends still cling to the world view that the US are the bad guys (well with friends like Saudi and Israel I can understand why people might be confused) but I believe in freedom and, however poor it is, democracy and I know that comes from America and not the rest of the world. Certain countries in Europe do their bit: Britain and France probably more heavily involved in Africa than most people know and we have seen senmark, since the cartoon business, keen to help against extremism but many European states do almost nothing. Back to the original point, some of the US's actions we have put down to being a young country - I mean young as being diplomatically young because obviously we have had centuries dealing with foreign powers on her doorsteps fighting wars for 2000 years - but I think that is becoming much less true. Britain have always had a tendency to follow the US, whereas most of the rest just keep quiet often waiting to see what others do. The exception is of course France which is bold nation, even if their performance in the 2 World Wars was less than impressive, who plough their own independent path and are never afraid to say what they think. But critics of the US should remember they largely do nothing so have not much right to complain when the US does something. There are 3 main problems in the world: 1. China - quite frankly we in Europe don't care about them as they are too far away. Their expansion into the Pacific and influence over a lot of third world countries is not something that worries us in the same way as it worries the States. 2. Jihadists - we have just been too tolerant at what are to my mind some disgraceful beliefs. To me Jihadists are like the KKK but whereas the KKK are a few thousand and are abhorred by most Christians, there are hundreds of thousand of Jihadists who have widespread support against the Muslim community and are backed by billions of dollars from the Gulf. When people say we are only threatened by 1 or 2 Islamist nutters, they really are burying the heads in the sand. 3. Russia - no longer communist but every bit as imperialist as they were under Stalin. Trump needs to recognise who the hell Putin is. We in Europe do not not trust the Russians and certainly don't think their re-expansion is stopping any time soon.
  3. Politically, the Republican Party is full of climate change deniers. Politically the US being in the Paris Accord is a major example to the rest of the world especially as the second largest producer of greenhouse gases. This is a political decision and nothing to do with science in order to please the enormous fossil fuel lobby in the United States. It is about as honest as Japan making representations to Caribbean governments about how Dolphins and Whales are eating all their fish in order that those countries will support them in their mission to eat their way through the cetaceans - not that is of any comparative importance.
  4. Did you understand what I said? I said there many factors which effect climate which you have stated, most if not all we can do fuck all about. However one that we know about is the absorption and emission of radiation to the Earth from certain molecules in the atmosphere. If humans put more of those molecules in the atmosphere then they will contribute to the warming of the planet. We know this happens. And what you are suggesting is that because despite the data showing the consistent warming of the planet you just want to wait and see. Fiddling while Rome burns. Say the Earth wasn't heating up due to the other factors, such as the sun's cycle, volcanic activity etc, this would not alter the effect human beings are having on the planet. And if did heat up because of those other factors the human contribution would exacerbate the situation maybe eventually into an irreversible state. But really taking about other effects is obfuscation.
  5. To me Kami is easily the most beautiful girl in RLC history. The girl has supermodel looks. I don't think her body can quite compare to The Goddess's but her face is divine. Part of what I find annoying about Scotland is like Sweden they seem to think they have superiority over other because they are so good. The reality is that because of the Barnett formula they get about 15% more per head than we do in England and that's all of England, over some regions it is 25%. Even Barnett admits that he miscalculated - it was all to do with Scotland having a low density population. This allows them to spend more on public services and easy for them not to charge for prescriptions or charge tuition fees. Then the fact that they cannot possibly win a general election allows them to make promises they will never have to keep. The timing (2014 Commonwealth Games + 700th anniversary of Bannockburn) and question (YES with no DEVOMAX option) of the referendum was designed to give them the best possible chance of winning. After which they spun a load of false news about how it had been fixed. The social media abuse with which they even attacked J.K.Rowling is very similar to what Labour MPs have to put up with from the pseudo-Militant Momentum. Then of course there is their argument about oil which is sometimes greater than their Barnett bonus but sometimes not and this year would have left them catastrophically in debt. I am sure a lot of the Scottish voters realised that when Sturgeon was banging on about the referendum. The Scottish Conservatives have a great leader and it is an irony that Scottish voters pissed off with the thought of another referendum saved May's job last night. So I did enjoy the slap in the face the SNP got.
  6. See it was pointless and it cost £143 million. In fact the Tories are now propped by a party who outside the weird stuck back in the religious history of Northern Ireland may make it worse or better, who knows. At least the SNP will shut up about their independence having lost 40% of their MPs and UKIP lost 85% of their vote. If the UKIP vote hadn't disappeared we'd now be in the hands of a pacifist Marxist!!! And he is now in a very powerful position. Theresa May has managed to prove she's even a bigger fool than the pig fucker David Cameron. I am not sure anyone has ever managed to give away a 20% lead in a month. The election was good for democracy but like the US some awful choices.
  7. Now there may well be several factors but the human contribution to warming the atmosphere via the production of certain gases is proven science, It is not open for debate. It does not matter what the figures say even if it showed the Earth was cooling due to other factors. It is a science I have been aware of for 35 years as part of my Astrophysics degree. The potential catastrophic effects are of course are allied to chaos theory because just having a tiny increase in greenhouse gases can eventually tip over into a spiral. Of course this can happen without any human involvement whatsoever, but to knowingly help it seems profoundly stupid. Finally we get everyone to agree including countries we would never believe would sign up and then the US a very rich country decides their wealth is more important than the future of the planet. It is an incredibly selfish and self-centred act and the absolute opposite of leadership. But like I said it isn't a conspiracy, it is science, accepted proven fucking science.
  8. Just a note on something else. Size depends on genetics, diet, lifestyle and perhaps above all health. People in the UK in the Middle Ages were bigger than they were in the 18th century. That is less to do with evolution and more to do with appalling sanitation and diet. The 20th/21st century has seen a dramatic increase in the height of humans.
  9. For most of the UK the 80s were a disaster and then we had another severe dip in the early 90s. The 70s of course thanks to OPEC were a disaster but then the unions got too much power, so much so they brought down the government that supported them.
  10. Well that's a survey I read a few years ago and I'll never forget how shocked I was, but
  11. The whole climate change thing and the US just makes Europe look at the US think "Haven't you grown up yet?". Mind you people voted for Brexit for the same reason to recreate the industrial world as it existed up to 1980/1990s. They forgot that world was shit a lot of the time like a couple of major recessions and 2 world wars. Also reinforces the theory that Amercans are just ill educated. I mean 50% don't believe in evolution. That would be OK in a third world country but it's pretty much a disgrace in a Western democracy so I guess not believing in a human contribution to climate change is not a surprise. However I don't blame the American people for that but their lying politicians.
  12. Best of luck, Snakeater. A doctor here told my mother she either had breast cancer or skin cancer ... she had neither, just an allergy. Wish we could sue. I hope your results are similarly good.
  13. I know what happened. RLC told Rosie and Nicole to tell them how many hours they were going to be naked. The one that bid more, Rosie, got the big room and the loser had to stay in the box room. New girl gets the medium room LOL
  14. I thought that was very strange - why move to a smaller bed? Potentially better views in there but I am not sure she knows that.
  15. However I did notice my Replay days dropped from 8 to 7 and then just now to 6 just an hour later
  16. Definitely a new Belle yesterday - 4 hours to pack instead of 4 days LOL. And Rosie literally kicked her out of the bedroom LOL.
  17. I already spent those on Replay. I don't expect to last the day but then I didn't expect to last yesterday.
  18. Hey I only did that for Belle. it's someone else's turn but I am sure she'll get it right.
  19. For some reason I still have a Premium feed. Should have ended hours ago, yesterday in fact buy I get to watch Rosie. Let's hope for her fans she doesn't have to share the room like Belle has had to do during at least half her stay in that room with Michelle, Candy, Rosie,Caro and Rosie again because that gets annoying. Good start by Rosie
  20. Normally I like to catch all the nudity from Belle but on her last day I will have to admit defeat. She was just too naked too long so I shall just have to forget a couple of hours and hope I missed mo classic bends. Simply too exhausted.
  21. I've seen a few girls leave like Irma, Megan and Jasmin, pretty sure Ilona as well.
  22. So what you are saying is Belle's 178 days didn't exist? Belle should be on 3 times and has occupied, yet another record, 5 rooms and slept in 8 (all 6 bedrooms and both living rooms). I complain that Belle does get left out of almost every list. And it does appear looking at this that I do have a big case for thinking that to be deliberate. It doesn't surprise me from certain others who leave Belle of the list of nudist housemates and put Kristy on it, but you Noldus? I'll have to doubt your timekeeping now LOL
  23. I see Rosie sent Belle on her way by kicking up the arse, the way true friends do.