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  1. They have been cuddling up on the sofa. It's been rather sweet. Earlier Eva caused a great deal of laughter, but I didn't see why - presumably got spooked. The film they are/were watching I believe is "Maverick" - certainly looks like Jodie Foster ... why did she have to be a lesbian?
  2. Just moved to tub so that at least answers part if not all of my questions.
  3. Dog barking and she's on her bed in her coral dressing gown but don't think anything's going on.. Is Paul in bed? I can't tell.
  4. Black T-shirt and Xmas socks, this morning.
  5. The Athiest Delusion

    In school they took everyone out of assembly who didn't know the Lord's prayer. I did of course but being atheist didn't say it. When they questioned me I said "I know it backwards". Luckily this was in 1960s ... in 1980s I would have immediately been taken into care and my family arrested for Satanism!
  6. The Athiest Delusion

    Bizarrely the US Embassy is not US sovereign territory, although the JFK memorial at Runnymede is. I find that very bizarre as Runnymede is a massively significant place in the history of England and yet part of it is in America!
  7. The Athiest Delusion

    My family had a small part to play ... but I won't go into that.
  8. The Athiest Delusion

    First Joey, I have the utmost respect for any soldier doing the work of his country. I come from a family who has had a lot to do with the services. Second Joey this is all freedom of speech which many of us firmly believe in almost more than anything else so opposite points of view are welcome. We must try to avoid insulting each other (except maybe as a reaction to being insulted) and please tell me if I have cause you offence. I cannot subscribe to some of your views above particularly I would dispute whether outside the holocaust Jews have had a worse time than the black slaves at the hands of Western Europeans, but you have every right to say what you say and I for one want to read it.
  9. Trump and Jerusalem

    Europe has been way too tolerant especially regarding what going on in mosques or the main problem madrasas. These are where for the last 40 years under a massive funding program of 10s of billions the Saudis have promoted their hateful version of their religion, wahabism. So although many of the parents thought they were sending their children to good Muslim schools just like many think they send their children to Sunday school, they were actually being brainwashed into supporting hatred of Western values. Europe has many different sources of Muslims due to our various empires. In the UK most are Pakistani from a few villages in the north whose members fought for the allies in WWII. It is very unfortunate that in India that a cleric had developed a form of Islam not dissimilar which then became popular in this area leaving them ripe for the beliefs promoted in the madrasas. Because of war in that area - you may have heard of the vile Pakistan Taliban, more fanatic but less ingrained than the actual Taliban whose origins are ethnic rather than religious - Saudi funded madrasas are the only form of education. As well as the madrasas in the UK, the population is continually supplemented by brides from this area who have attended these madrasas plus the village elders hold away over large swathes of their cohort in the UK. This explains a lot of the radicalism here but there any many other Muslim groups from areas all around the world but the reach of the madrasas is global. The French who are less tolerant have even more Muslims largely from North Africa which has especially since the Arab spring have a particular problem with Tunisians who the Wahabis targetted in the chaos. The Tunisians are the largest contributors to IS in terms of foreign fighters. North Africa had until very recently mean far more moderate but notice how the Muslim brotherhood took over Egypt before the military stepped in and the Qatari, with misguided UK and US support, deposed and killed Gadaffi. The Germans have the Turks, far more moderate at least until the evil would be dictator Erdogan took over using religion to consolidate his power base in a country which had hitherto been famously secular - not good, but secular. Of course he is the only powerful politician to use religion. At the moment in Europe despite names of parties such as Christian Democrats ruling we are mercifully free of that affliction. The Dutch have Indonesians and the Belgians have Morrocans and Turks although they had little previous history of being raical until IS. In fact if you look at it, it is almost as though there has been a plan (there hasn't because most of the seeds were set last century way before radical Islam existed outside the House of Saud's influence) to populate every country in Western Europe. The increase in population especially recently has been frightening but it has been largely internal rather than via immigration. No prizes for guessing which organisations have encouraged these population increases. In 30 years as much as 10% of the population in several European countries will stand at 10% perhaps in 30 more it will be 20%. Unless we stop the madrasas now and control the mosques we have a real problem on our hands. Because of geography and history the US has been lucky but imagine if Mexico had been converted ... Now you may have seen the House of Saud suddenly appearing to turn more moderate but under the surface its human rights record is getting rapidly worse with the executions of children increasing alarming while the US and others cozy up to it and they attempt to blame it's bad child Qatar. The effect of the change of policy in the 1970s has encouraged/forced other Muslim countries to become increasingly less moderate, hence modern day Iran and their agent Hamas and Hezbollah. The former have turned the barely Sunni Palestinians in Gaza into ones that have become more fanatically religious although not Shiite. The reason for this was actually graphically shown in Big Brother. They put a couple of Muslims in the house. There was a moderate Muslim who was confronted by a female gang member about how he was a "Bad Muslim" and should be ashamed of himself for mixing with men lusting after white women, not praying all the time, being possibly gay and above all for drinking alcohol. The guy was mostly harmless although did get expelled for spitting in someone's face but she threatened to have him killed for bring a poor example of his faith. She was expelled for that but the "You are not a good Muslim mantra" is destroying moderates all over the place so 20 years ago there was no Muslim problem, there is now and the primary cause really isn't the numbers but the brainwashing and intimidation. So the West should close down these schools, reintegrate the Muslim population and above all stop being friends with the Saudis. They are the true enemy of the West and yet we sell them billions if not trillions of arms! In return the Arabs leave Israel alone and persuade the US and others that Iran's is problem. Iran fought IS, the Saudis sent one female pilot over for a publicity stunt. The West is being conned. The West is fully aware of this, but in turn for selling their souls to Satan (it is a phrase, I am an atheist remember) Israel gets protected and the arms industry and certain individuals in the West through oil interests make lots of money so they don't care. Not hard to work out why Trump has cozied back up to the true enemy isn't it as almost every Western leader has done beforehand. Actually although we know Trump does not give a fig for the Middle East except for the reasons stated, this may lead to more chaos in more Muslim countries making their citizens vulnerable to yet me Wahabi inspired radical thought and the Saudi's grand plan of expansion of influence gets another boost as it did with the second Iraq war and the Arab spring. This is ignoring what the Arabs are doing to Africa and elsewhere in the world. Here South East Asia take lots a money and we'll look after your education system!
  10. Wow he's proven he can keep a promise and that he's either an evening bigger idiot than we thought or he genuinely does not give a flying **** what happens outside his borders ... or actually the Israelis are privy to the same information Putin has on him. More seriously his father was a personal friend of that well known moderate leader Benjamin Netanyahu. If there were ever to be a peace treaty between the Israelis and the Palestinians then Jerusalem would have to be divided ... except for the reality of religious (let's call it that rather than ethnic) cleansing. Then Israel would have the right to declare West Jerusalem its capital. The conclusion of many over here is just thought what would appeal to his electorate in the US and fuck world peace. The unholy Trinity of the US, Saudia Arabia (almost if not the worst state in the world) and Israel (which carries out policies no other country would dare) rides again.
  11. Trump and Jerusalem

    = had the common sense not to By any measure the treatment of the Israels of the Palestinians has been an international disgrace. Israel has every right to its own security. What it does not have a right to is bulldoze people's houses because they have a different religion and the policy is settlement is abhorrent. This is not to say they are the only country with poor human rights record based on race or religion but they are probably the most sophisticated one. However I do agree with you, the US should no take sides in what you say is Sunni-Shiite problem but is really a Saudi-Iran problem. It is very sad what has happened to the sophisticated country that used to be known as Persia ... Saudi has never been sophisticated and has already it seems corrupted Turkey from its secular ways which actually has been the Saud family policy since the 18th century as a reaction to the power of the Ottoman Empire. Quite frankly the lack of support for the Sunni - yes Sunni - Palestinians has been a disgrace which is what forced them to turn to Iran. In short Iran uses the Shiites and the House of Saud, and its naughty impossibly wealth naughty child Qatar use the Sunni for the own political power games. Although TBH I am not even sure what Qatar's motives are. They did support IS and yet we are playing the 2022 World Cup there - wow there's punishment. Anyway the House of Saud, the ruling Qatari and the rich in the UAE have their own religion Wahabism, founded by a member of the House of Saud, which is the true inspiration for anti-Western, anti-Shiite and even anti-Sunni who don't bow down to them even though they claim to be Sunni. Islam needs to sort itself out before large parts of the world burn.
  12. Trump and Jerusalem

    Well that's a well thought out argument ...
  13. The Goddess is looking very sexy in her long shirt.
  14. So sorry ipm. I am afraid with Eva she does spend considerable effort jumping on sofas which is made slightly easy by having the carpet instead of the slippy floor. Should she have some kind of ramp or a piece of furniture to climb on before making it to the sofa?
  15. Well I missed her this morning so I am afraid I can't help. Apparently it's that time of the month.
  16. The Athiest Delusion

    That's what I was called - it is a common term. I did not invent the term. It was not me who called myself such. How are you bruising my ego? You are suggesting I have an ego to bruise but as I said I had to mention it because your suggestion was that I must have been influenced to have come to such a pattern of thought when it was merely logical in my mind. As for pride being a sin - and like I said I am just stating facts - THAT IS RELIGION so a pretty pointless accusation to level at an atheist. Let us be clear I am not saying for one second that a partiality to atheism is a logical consequence of intelligence. I was explaining about my atheism and how I came to it which is necessarily personal. The philosophical arguments are of course more general. I'd be lying if I hadn't said to people "Let's leave it at that" but you can't make a criticism of someone and then appeal for that person not to respond because if they do not it can be inferred from that that they partially accept the criticism.
  17. The Athiest Delusion

    You were directly asking me how it was that I could manage such reasoning when I was that young. That's because I happened to be that bright. It wasn't a boast but an explanation. On the social question: Especially at that age, and I did have friends and even a couple of girlfriends, I was put in a situation where I already had a reading and mathematical level that was about double of the children I was interacting with. Consequently, unless a teacher is going to take special interest in you, the actual lessons are pointless and then you have to deal with them in your own way. For myself I spent time in the wendy house sometimes with a girl and did girls' homework. I continued throughout my primary school career to bunk off. Of course there were special circumstances. Within days of arriving in school the psychologist declared me a child genius. I think kids were playing snakes and ladders and I was telling them it was a random game of chance with no skill whatsoever ... of course there is the skill of cheating but at the time that wasn't in my nature and I wasn't afraid to call someone out over it. Anyway the head called my parents in - they already knew of course - and promised I would be given challenging work. However she soon left and the new head was of the attitude that bright children didn't need any help. Even worse was an unfortunate coincidence that my teacher's sister lived opposite to us and the teacher had always been jealous of our neighbour's Cambridge attending son while her children had not achieved the same so she decided to take it out on me. When I eventually told my mother what had gone on, she told me she would have withdrawn me from the school immediately. It was not until I was 7 or 8 that I came across a teacher who understood, not my class teacher but she had me for a couple of lessons a week, but then my father got a job we had to move away. I then had a teacher who not only was interested solely in sport but seemed to take a delight in not picking me for the football team. I had many friends and was actually in the popular group, but unfortunately I had only a limited time to mix with them outside as I was practising to get through one of the toughest entrance examinations in the country so my parents would not let me go out and my parents also had personal reasons for that which I won't go into here. Since then I have always been surrounded by some people of similar ability so those type of problems did not recur and besides which I think my intelligence has dropped a few notches although I did finish in the Top 100 in The Times Tournament of The Mind - I guess that's a boast although actually it is just a fact.
  18. You must have heard about this group because they make the news every day - if not in the main headlines something that the likes of the great George Takei feels the need to put on FB, well actually he's much quieter nowadays, and then it becomes a gathering storm. It just takes a man to say something ill though out or honest about women and he becomes a social media demon whose career must be ended forthwith. I am not talking about a genuine menace to society here like Harvey Weinstein or indeed Kevin Spacey (not much of a threat to women) but people who dare to claim that actually women are different emotionally and do have slightly different brains (the spectra overlap but they certainly aren't centred in the same place) because of different hormones and maybe location and density of neurons or are not actually the same sexually. Women for years campaigned against gender bias in schools leading to boys getting better results but then all of a sudden girls got better results widening the gap each year (as exams were dumbed down or at least the marking suddenly became more lenient) and suddenly it was not an issue or girls were only doing better because boys were lazy and feckless. However if any reason had been given why girls were performing worse other than gender bias I can guarantee whoever said it nowadays would be hounded out of whatever career they were in. And that's another thing, whenever there is less than 50% representation somewhere they demand that some form of positive discrimination be put in but it is very selective. e.g. I have never once heard women appeal against the shocking lack of women down the mines, nor do they seem to have a problem with the massive gender imbalance in teaching and to a less extent nursing. None of them ever suggest that somehow it is down to gender stereotyping just their ability to be more empathetic ... again they seem keen to list all the things women are better at but don't recognise that men are better at anything than having bad traits. Finally and this does get to me. Female newsreaders come on and men may well be thinking "she looks hot tonight" but then a women will suddenly say "I don't like her outfit. Has she got fatter?" and then blame the men for judging them. It irritates me but should any of them say this on social media a torrent of abuse will follow saying they are body shaming or that men aren't judged by their clothes in a superficial way ... and somehow it is all men's fault for creating a society in which other women objectify each other. Whatever it is all the fault of the male of the species who should now know his place.
  19. The Athiest Delusion

    As for the rest of your argument I already put it. First there was nothing then there was something and to not think the same argument belongs to God requires you to think God never had a beginning. That's a religious belief. You believe it, I don't, simple as.
  20. The Athiest Delusion

    LOL come on now?
  21. The Athiest Delusion

    I had an IQ of 180. I was forming laws quadratic interpolation. I was a lot brighter than I am now.
  22. Nelly & Bogdan

    Nelly is funny, full stop.
  23. All dressed now with a white top and blue denims.
  24. Just missed some nice bends as she went into the GR after the shower. My fault as I was reading CC and hadn't noticed I had certain software switched off. Oh well it is not as though I've not seen it before but it is always a welcome sight. I ought to, like jimbo, take some time off but it's hard not to keep watching or checking in. Besides which she might play with the dog or exercise . Like I said she is always worth watching.
  25. That happened when watching live to me at least. Just the briefest and as my connection had already dropped for a minute I wasn't that fussed. I am more fussed about the cushions on LR couch which often play a part, and not just with Eva, and maybe RLC could move their logo to another corner now!