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  1. Barcelona attack

    No it's what happens when some of the people and countries of the Gulf are allowed to sponsor worldwide terrorism without consequence. While we still pretend in the West that Saudi Arabia are our allies just because they have oil and leave Israel alone instead of ostracising them as the chief pariah of the world which might just make them think then this will continue to happen all over the world. While it is true Qatar have more directly sponsored terrorists in recent years the issue why they are the bad boys at the moment is that they have connections with Palestine which the other Gulf States don't approve of purely to keep the US sweet. In return we in the West sell the Saudis and their allies ridiculous amounts of arms which they then use not against Islamic State but against the Yemeni Shiites and to supply although not openly Boko Haram and Al Shabaab and other jihadist groups around the world. Being their ally allows good oil deals and protects defence jobs and Israel but as far as the rest of the world is concerned these horrific crimes are the result. Maybe Saudi is changing, it certainly claims so but the vast money they have poured in to their "schools" which have inspired generations of jihadists have created this worldwide situation. It has fuck all to do with immigration policies which in any case are certainly a legacy of Empires rather than anything current. The UK for instance has taken in very few refugees. BTW the reason why we have so many Pakistanis in the UK is because their parents/grandparents fought for the Allies in WW2 and to put it crudely they breed at a rate that we did in Victorian times, except better health care means that much more of them survive. Many ignorant people on the left put the blame on the recent policies of the West in Iraq but the truth is this started a long time before. The ill considered invasion of Iraq, which should have been seen through in the 90s, did provide a bit of a vacuum and an inspiration for jihadists to breed but it certainly was not the root cause of international Islamic terrorism. As for Syria you have to ask which countries endeavored to destabilise Syria. Yes the Asad family are pretty terrible but can you imagine what most Syrians feel about the proxy Saudi regime that they were intended to have. It is the same as in Egypt, liberal Arabs allied with Islamists without thinking is through. It's been a bit of a ramble, but then I'm watching "Outlander".
  2. Generalise much? And Paul knows everything that goes on, I can assure you of that. If not immediately then very soon after.
  3. "elle" means "she" not "it"
  4. The Goddess does have purpose: 1. Her work with animals that you don't see outside the apartment 2. Her self-education. She is always keen to learn and express herself. 3. Yes her exhibitionism which not only satisfies her but satisfies her huge band of admirers. RLC is partly a job (although she would dispute that but if the girls weren't entertainers in some form nobody would be paying them and the rent at least is being paid) but a job she really enjoys. If you are going to be critical of Leora you have to more critical of almost everyone else apart from Maya. N.B. The discussion about Eva and "walkies" has been had before. Eva is an indoor dog. She does not crave to be outside and gets exercise in the house. If The Goddess thought she needed more time outside she would give it to her. Finally The Goddess does get plenty of exercise herself. Yes her diet isn't the most healthy but there is no question she is a real woman ... real Goddess.
  5. She's certainly managed 3 sexual acts in 24 hours before, and bating twice in a day has happened often. It seems bating makes her horny. It seems as far as her and Paul are concerned the sex gets more frequent and quite frankly better in the summer. BTW love the composite pictures.
  6. Please please does anyone have it. I have only just seen the pictures and it's what I want most to see. Can some kind person PM me if they have it?
  7. If The Goddess could find a quiet corner of the library, sit down on the floor get her glasses out, read a book and get inspired ... there's just nothing sexier.
  8. Actually I did suggest to Belle that she did Chaturbate but then I've never checked to see whether she ever did. The reason why I prefer Chaturbate to MFC is that there tends to be a lot more happening while on the free cams than others which are just tease, tease, tease and then they only do anything interesting if you pay. Because the solo artists have to compete with couples they have to up their game. Some of them will be genuine exhibitionists. Actually I did write yesterday in a PM about the difference between the true exhibitionists Leora and Nelly and the Barcelona girls. Some of them maybe exhibitionists but it is hard to tell. Money influences what they do quite a bit so it is difficult to know what they are really like. Until earlier this year the nudity had seemed unforced but then girls started spreading naked on the bed and pointing their pussies at the camera in a way we had never seen previously. I can't help feeling that for them bonuses were involved. A little earlier December-February a couple of genuine cam girls did give some shows, one of them tame and one of them hardcore. They were performing for their own cams (like the girl at Sabrina's) but then later also gave us a good look. There have since Barca reopened always been naked girls but it seemed before just part of the general remit like you see with Julia rather than specific shows but I think given that it started when some of the girls were having some adventurous times with men and each other, I think those who weren't prepared to go that far were encouraged to contribute in a different way. To me very little has ever been real about Barcelona and I'm talking about going back the 22 months I watched.
  9. US General Domestic Politics

    I doubt very much that Belle was a Muslim. She was worn a lot around her neck including a cross, a key and a ring (which people thought was evidence that she was in a relationship) I seem to remember. I think maybe this may be an issue of where Islam is prevalent. It is mainly in less developed countries more prone to extremism. However the fact is that not only do governments in these countries fail to discourage extremism they often give into it. Several powerful individuals and even states in the Gulf fund these schools which allow these extremist views to take hold. There is massive funding for Boko-Haram and Al-Shabab which are fighting to impose Islamic States in Africa. It is not even anti-Christian or anti-Shiite, it is simply the Arabs using people to extend their power as it has been since the 18th century when the current Saudi Royal Family developed a more extreme form of the religion in order to wrest Islamic power from the Ottoman Empire. In the last 40 years or so by use of religious schools and weapon supplies these wealthy people sometimes through government have promoted this hateful doctrine. Nothing wrong with Islam per se but this form has been corrupted. "The extremist groups might use religion to justify their extremely violent, torturess and inhuman way to gain political and cultural power, but that doesn't mean you can use that to prove that a normal pacefull muslim farmer in the Jordan valley is any worse than an average christian" That is specious argument. I am not arguing that there are not hundreds of millions of good Muslims but that the number of extremist Muslims in the West and the Muslim World is alarmingly high and it is no accident. We have even heard extremist views from senior Muslim clerics in both Scotland and Wales. Say that COBRA expert is right and one would hope he has a good handle on then the 80,000 if reflected in the UK population as whole would mean more than 1.5 million non-Muslim extremists which I simply don't believe is true. We're not talking about racists here but people prepared to fight to either exterminate or subjugate people under an extremist regime. . And do not pretend that this has nothing to do with religion and these people want to be extremists. Nor is the ridiculous the myth that this is do to with disenfranchised people with no stake in society. This involves a whole cross-section from doctors, lawyers and high achieving students to those unable to get a job.
  10. US General Domestic Politics

    As I have send on this forum on many occasions. However extreme Islam is not only far more of problem to the world but for more prevalent largely thanks to the Gulf States and their funding of religious schools. Religious minorities in many Muslim countries are persecuted to extinction to an extent they were not just a few decades ago. It's not just the Middle East but in Africa, the subcontinent and Indonesia that these persecutions are happening. Yes the opposite is happening in Burma and there is some persecution of Muslims in China and parts of the ex Soviet Union but really not on the same scale and often those minorities receive funding from the Gulf. Churches burnt down in Indonesia, police closing down the open air services because the have no church, blasphemers (usually with false evidence) beaten to death in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Acid thrown in the faces of Christian girls in 99.9% Muslim Zanzibar, and even attacks on the millions of Coptic Christians receiving little protection of interest from the Egyptian government. Not to mention the internal Muslim terrorist attacks. Yes we had (well still do) warring Christian factions in Northern Ireland but that's tribal as well and doesn't exist as far as I know anywhere else in the world outside a Rangers v Celtic game.
  11. US General Domestic Politics

    There's generally a few bouncers before a concert starts but no-one ever saw a need for any leaving a concert before and Manchester is hardly unfamiliar with terrorism having experience the biggest peacetime bomb in Europe courtesy of the IRA but we can't be forced into living lives in fear of the terrorists. I have a relative killed and another maimed by terrorists but it is not going to stop me living my life. However if one of them did I'd have no qualms about having them shot there and then. As for the Sharia courts - religious courts should be stopped full stop. The Sharia courts usually just tell women to stop complaining and do what male members of their family tell them to. As this is usually contradictory to UK law I don't know why theya re allowed to operate.
  12. US General Domestic Politics

    I agree but the problem is the numbers involved. The terrorist adviser to COBRA (British Crisis Cabinet) says the 23,000 jihadists identified by the security services in the UK is a vast underestimate and he thinks the figure is more like 80,000. In Nigeria and Egypt, far from the most radical Muslim countries (Nigeria is half Muslim), a significant majority of the Muslims believe in the death penalty for apostatism and I am sure a similar number would be in favour of it for blasphemy by non-Muslims as well as Muslims. These are extreme beliefs and ones which Western governments should speak out against.
  13. Tomorrow we in the UK go to an election that not only we don't want but that will probably make no difference whatsoever except to make us realise how truly shit our "strong and stable" PM is. First of all in 2010 the conservatives enacted legislation which ensured that we would have a fixed term parliament so never again could the party in power just hole an election when they felt like it and it was guaranteed to have 5 years with fear of being forced to the polls. Well Theresa May, Home Secretary, at the time said "Fuck that, Corbyn will be easy to beat because he's so fucking useless." Yes he is, but the problem with May is that she too is fucking useless, something we should have known after 6 years of being in charge of the police who she reduced in numbers by 20,000, border controllers who didn't check passports, and immigration from outside the EU entirely under her control which she failed to reduce by 1 iota. The electorate have spotted quite early on that just because she is woman, May is no Margaret Thatcher. She became PM because all the other candidates had metaphorically knifed each other in the back and as she had no strong views on anything she escaped controversy saying "Brexit means Brexit" which is utterly meaningless.
  14. The Pointless UK Election

    Nobody is in the mood for another election.
  15. After Belle left I have taken a break. Being a free user seemed like too much hard work now but now I see in the last few days The Goddess has been in tremendous form. I have mainly been PMing rather than writing on the board. Unfortunately a lot of the time the CC boards which were once really great just got too tied up with trolls and those wanting to provoke trolls. I thought this place used to be for admiring pictures of the girls.
  16. I have seen what she did in the bedroom with the dildo. Was there more before?
  17. Welcome, but of course Leora isn't just a Goddess, she is THE Goddess.
  18. Yes but sometimes she has had her struggles. Once when she couldn't get some shorts on she threw them at Eva LOL.
  19. All Time Best

    LOL - I think Nicole has a good claim for the best downstairs lips.
  20. All Time Best

    The Goddess is perfect. I don't understand why there would be a poll because those voting against her would simply be in denial. Jasmin has great tits, Kristy has a great arse, but only The Goddess reaches perfection in both. Maybe Megan but as I didn't see enough of her naked arse and though what I did see was great it simply wasn't as sexy as Leora's. Jess had an incredibly firm tight body but ultimately while I respect her arse, the tits simply were a little too small. I think I've done something like this before: Best tits: Jasmin (with Megan second) Best arse: The Goddess (but Kristy is close, and as you know I like Adele's, Belle's and Nicole's) Best face: Kami (Jasmin may be second, but there's Stella, Ilona etc.) Best personality: Nelly Best body: The Goddess (followed by Megan) Best hair: Belle (followed by Ilona) Best lips: Belle Best at sex: Masha My personal sexiest: Belle and The Goddess.
  21. America alone

    This is very true. Foamy the Americans had to step in because simply no-one else would. The British Empire had collapsed and we were left devastated after the war ... that's a different subject ... and it was the US or the SU. Having visited Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union during the cold war, I can tell you what those people thought of communist rule and let me tell you their were very few happy faces behind the iron curtain. There was deep hatred of the regimes anywhere. I can tell you that Corbyn and his friends still cling to the world view that the US are the bad guys (well with friends like Saudi and Israel I can understand why people might be confused) but I believe in freedom and, however poor it is, democracy and I know that comes from America and not the rest of the world. Certain countries in Europe do their bit: Britain and France probably more heavily involved in Africa than most people know and we have seen senmark, since the cartoon business, keen to help against extremism but many European states do almost nothing. Back to the original point, some of the US's actions we have put down to being a young country - I mean young as being diplomatically young because obviously we have had centuries dealing with foreign powers on her doorsteps fighting wars for 2000 years - but I think that is becoming much less true. Britain have always had a tendency to follow the US, whereas most of the rest just keep quiet often waiting to see what others do. The exception is of course France which is bold nation, even if their performance in the 2 World Wars was less than impressive, who plough their own independent path and are never afraid to say what they think. But critics of the US should remember they largely do nothing so have not much right to complain when the US does something. There are 3 main problems in the world: 1. China - quite frankly we in Europe don't care about them as they are too far away. Their expansion into the Pacific and influence over a lot of third world countries is not something that worries us in the same way as it worries the States. 2. Jihadists - we have just been too tolerant at what are to my mind some disgraceful beliefs. To me Jihadists are like the KKK but whereas the KKK are a few thousand and are abhorred by most Christians, there are hundreds of thousand of Jihadists who have widespread support against the Muslim community and are backed by billions of dollars from the Gulf. When people say we are only threatened by 1 or 2 Islamist nutters, they really are burying the heads in the sand. 3. Russia - no longer communist but every bit as imperialist as they were under Stalin. Trump needs to recognise who the hell Putin is. We in Europe do not not trust the Russians and certainly don't think their re-expansion is stopping any time soon.
  22. US General Domestic Politics

    Politically, the Republican Party is full of climate change deniers. Politically the US being in the Paris Accord is a major example to the rest of the world especially as the second largest producer of greenhouse gases. This is a political decision and nothing to do with science in order to please the enormous fossil fuel lobby in the United States. It is about as honest as Japan making representations to Caribbean governments about how Dolphins and Whales are eating all their fish in order that those countries will support them in their mission to eat their way through the cetaceans - not that is of any comparative importance.
  23. US General Domestic Politics

    Did you understand what I said? I said there many factors which effect climate which you have stated, most if not all we can do fuck all about. However one that we know about is the absorption and emission of radiation to the Earth from certain molecules in the atmosphere. If humans put more of those molecules in the atmosphere then they will contribute to the warming of the planet. We know this happens. And what you are suggesting is that because despite the data showing the consistent warming of the planet you just want to wait and see. Fiddling while Rome burns. Say the Earth wasn't heating up due to the other factors, such as the sun's cycle, volcanic activity etc, this would not alter the effect human beings are having on the planet. And if did heat up because of those other factors the human contribution would exacerbate the situation maybe eventually into an irreversible state. But really taking about other effects is obfuscation.
  24. The Pointless UK Election

    To me Kami is easily the most beautiful girl in RLC history. The girl has supermodel looks. I don't think her body can quite compare to The Goddess's but her face is divine. Part of what I find annoying about Scotland is like Sweden they seem to think they have superiority over other because they are so good. The reality is that because of the Barnett formula they get about 15% more per head than we do in England and that's all of England, over some regions it is 25%. Even Barnett admits that he miscalculated - it was all to do with Scotland having a low density population. This allows them to spend more on public services and easy for them not to charge for prescriptions or charge tuition fees. Then the fact that they cannot possibly win a general election allows them to make promises they will never have to keep. The timing (2014 Commonwealth Games + 700th anniversary of Bannockburn) and question (YES with no DEVOMAX option) of the referendum was designed to give them the best possible chance of winning. After which they spun a load of false news about how it had been fixed. The social media abuse with which they even attacked J.K.Rowling is very similar to what Labour MPs have to put up with from the pseudo-Militant Momentum. Then of course there is their argument about oil which is sometimes greater than their Barnett bonus but sometimes not and this year would have left them catastrophically in debt. I am sure a lot of the Scottish voters realised that when Sturgeon was banging on about the referendum. The Scottish Conservatives have a great leader and it is an irony that Scottish voters pissed off with the thought of another referendum saved May's job last night. So I did enjoy the slap in the face the SNP got.