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  1. The Goddess does look quite a bit warmer now. I wonder if she is cold blooded like me. Once I get cold I find it very hard to get warm and my body temperature is a couple of degrees below average.
  2. I really see no reason for Karol to come to B1 as party visits are enough. I'd like to see a new girl/girls replacing Nora and for Irma to get the big room. Can you imagine if Belle shared with Irma? Any invitation given by Irma to feel her tits would be leapt upon and hopefully Irma would go back to being naked a lot more than she has been on this visit. But we don't need Belle (if she returns it probably won't be until March) just any new girl with a good attitude to the project will do and there's always the option of the 3rd girl to join in. Jess (and not just because of family tragedy) has seemed to be setting limits since the massages so I don't know if we'll see much more of her, even though she might have a month left.
  3. Just saw naked Nelly disappear upstairs ... does anyone have her naked in the kitchen? Can't believe my bad timing.
  4. I would have enjoyed the dance show but for the terrible feed, which I know I keep mentioning but it was the worst I have ever seen on RLC, and it was over rehearsed but what saved the evening was Nora and Irma being genuinely drunk. Jess wasn't so yes I thought she was a bit dull. Danaya's heart does not seem to be in it at the moment and Karol is just learning. But it is so much better than all those TV nights with Jasmin, however gorgeous she was. I think it is quite hard work keeping us entertained.
  5. I really hope that's not true about the dancing. I would rather watch her dancing than Irma any day of the week. Irma has her own style and it is what it is but graceful Leora is hypnotic. When I saw her post before it was in the BeR and I believe on her phone - I could not see Camcaps but she was posting to the forum at the time.
  6. Paul seemed most unhappy for someone who had just fucked The Goddess.
  7. The fuck was not best positioned and I alternated between Cam 3 (for maximum Leora) and Cam 1 then kind of missed it when she got off ... but not when she GOT OFF. Then missed it again when suddenly she opened her legs much later for some reason. I thought she was going to bate there and then!
  8. We can't always see what she is browsing particularly in the LR or on her phone and she has been on several times before in the past. Not only years ago and her at least 2 periods as a poster but she knew all about Irma and Ilona, maybe from RLC but very possibly from fan sites like this one. I would say she probably does browse on occasion. Also it probably wasn't just the mischievous posters that meant her stopping posting here but I'm not going to go into that.
  9. I cannot really argue with the first 3 choices: Best Tits 1.Jasmin 2.Megan 3.The Goddess Best Face 1. Kami 2. Lara 3. Stella (TBH the battle for 2nd is very close and 2. and 3. could be any 2 from about 7 and I keep changing my mind) Best Arse 1. The Goddess(still) 2. Kristy 3. Jessica Best Legs 1.The Goddess (TBH I do not tend to stray below a woman's special parts so I need to do research) Best Hair 1. My Belle 2. Ilona 3. Kami Best Full Package (Body & Face) 1. The Goddess 2. Megan 3. Nicole Sexiest Overall (voted for by my cock) 1. My Belle 2. The Goddess 3. Ilona Best Fuck 1. Masha 2. Nicole 3. Adriana Best Bater 1. Masha 2. The Goddess 3. Zoya Best Personality 1. Irma 2. Nelly 3. Kristy Most Talented 1. The Goddess 2. Annabel 3. My Belle Most Entertaining 1. Nelly 2. The Goddess 3. My Belle Best Overall 1. The Goddess 2. My Belle 3. Nelly
  10. Now that must be a violation of some code ... Eva was trapped between the Goddess's legs. We are all jealous of that bitch.
  11. Leora's back home now and so is Paul but she's again in the white silk - TBH I am not sure she took it off when she went out. No panties - I'll be honest I really would have to restrain myself a lot that close to The Goddess's bare beautiful pussy.
  12. Actually she does (this is not speculation but a fact) as do several of the tenants. Not only that but if memory serves she has liked his posts. Just stating fact. I realise though that you might not believe that living as we do in a time of alternative facts! As Ben Elton would say "Little bit of politics".
  13. She's wearing a white silk/satin nightie. Very nice. Hardly saw her at all yesterday.
  14. Well I'm going to call it a night. I'm glad Jess is feeling a bit happier and hope her sadness does not last, but I wish her and her family well.
  15. Maybe if we use that thread for nominations and then I could set up a proper multiple question poll based on the nominations.
  16. Do you mean Eastern European people but really these are far from an homogenous group any more thaan you would say Western Europeans (Dutch, German, English, French, Spanish, Italian) would have any general view on sex. Yes there are differing views in different states in the US but differences between states are much less than those between countries.
  17. Best face : Kami (surely ... come on the girl looks like a supermodel) Best bod overall: The Goddess by miles (only Megan comes close) Best personality: Nelly
  18. Just to go further on that point, feminists groups will claim that 1 in 3 or maybe 1 in 2 men are rapists. Palpable nonsense but they still do it and get airtime.