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Video review - News website !

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Sorry for my english

i discovered a news website to rewatch videos on reallifecam, we can upload videos like youtube and to watch.

I tried and it works you can see my video ^^

this url : (The Web Site Link associated with this comment is no longer accessible and has been removed).

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An empty site does bring up suspicions.

1. It's an old site & RLC has already filed complaints and had the videos removed. (there are several of those around, but usually still have the posts and no video)

2. It's an RLC trap to get the email addresses & IP's of the posters they can't track.

3. It may be legit, though it is odd that someone would take the time to build a site and not post anything on it.

4. It's actually Rollerdie's site & he feels the need for some reason to hide the fact.

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