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Posting images and videos


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I would like to post some pictures or videos but I have read, that RLC blocks users if  they do that. So I am wondering - how can I post it without RLC would know it?

- I know about the number printed on the bottom-left corrner? Is there anything that could give my ID away - that RLC can reveal me? (mybee - can they see my email I am using for CC)?


P.s.: Do they also see if I publish in attachment center?

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This may answer some of your questions.


As for RLC seeing your email here? No.

Anything placed in the attachment center is still there as best I know. I don't view it, so I can't answer in all truthfulness.

A well placed mole can rat you out quietly, but that goes against the Terms and Conditions for being a member here at CC. So again, I refer you to 'itsme's' post link above.

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