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Indian girls! Sexy or not?


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Only in their movies. or TV models.

I have yet to come across a good looking one in real life. I have worked with them. knew some indian and their families and have met them at work and travel.

Most of the girls I found were  short, fat, had a mustache.

Very rare you find a good looking one or someone I could tolerate at least for some time.

Though no doubt have seen some pictures of hot girls in magazines but I guess they are just celebrities or models.

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Stupid fucking topic. Indian girls! Sexy or not?

Which ones? All of them? Just the good looking ones, or those that are considered unattractive. as well?

An ugly women can still be an awesome fuck and therefore very sexy.

Billy Connolly (great Scottish comedian) once said when he was talking about muslims and their virgins, "Give me two decent whores over 40 giggling, nubile teenage virgins any day".

A short, fat ugly woman is probably going to look sexy to a short, fat ugly man 'cos that's probably all he's ever going to get, unless he pays, and that's no fun.

Every culture has sexy, attractive women, as well as non sexy, unattractive women.

Also, you are basing your standards on western ideals. I bet most of us would struggle to get a hard on when presented with what an Inuit would classify as attractive, and they would probably turn away from our so called super models, with or without make-up and airbrushing.

I went out with a very attractive girl, that would be visually classified as sexy, yet dumb as dog shit and a lousy fuck. I've been out with average looking girl, that wouldn't be classified as sexy, again based on looks, but as far as sex goes, I was begging at her door every weekend.

Fortunately I finally met my wife who covers all the bases, and I work hard every day to keep her. And after 30+ years, she's still the sexiest thing I've ever known.

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