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Are they fighting????

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I have no idea what it is that they are saying, but they're both on the couch and raising their voices.  I'm not an expert, but this looks like an argument.  Seems like there's tension between them...sadly.  They were one of my more favorite couples.    :no:

The people that do know what they are saying do not share it on here.  So the bottom line is we will never know.

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Guest Erik A.

There is no doubt that they increasingly have indenbyrdes conflict, and of course they are fighting verbally when in the bedroom one night arguing outside the camera in the dark and it ends up that the split ....

If you have followed them closely as I saw they have been through many crises and struggles of the past.

One night after hours. 02:00 Their local time are arguing outside the camera in the dark in the bedroom so it ends up that Nina go to bed and Kira breaks down crying in the darkness .... they discussed hard for 3 hours .....

This has happened often the last 2 months

I have the pictures but will not show them because they are protected by copyright ....

Last crisis may have extra strength due to both their monthly menses right after the other ...

There is also proven on photo!

It prohibits us not to take the screenshot but they can only be enjoyed privately ..... those are the rules they can not be used as evidence I would like but is even photographer!

Every time they quarrel language becomes higher and higher and one of them breaks down .. it says 4-1 to Nina for it has often been the one who has got Kira into tears ...

I'm afraid it ends wrong one day, and it ends with a break .... again it says 4-1 to the thinnest girl which I think is Nina she is much stronger mentally in their matches,

Sincerely, Erik A.

Happy Christmash

i have 1000+ pictures made by screenshot, i love them but the are Copyright i cant use them only privat!

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Guest Erik A.

Sorry friends but I can not stop this debate here unless you have seen and heard Kira and Nina quarrel course you can hear and see if they quarrel especially when one of them finally breaks down crying or threatening to leave home what I have witnessed more time ....

It's something awful nonsense that you can not hear that there are problems in their relationship .. how can you say it ....

Unfortunately I can not post my pictures but if Kira and Nina use 3-4 hours to arguing that one goes to bed, and the other in the living room and cry ... then it is proof enough and it happened often. One of the corridors was after they had been out together and partied for Gays and Lesbians with Balloons air was cold when they returned home and had a showdown on the bed where Kira finally broke down crying.

The last time I saw it was a night after two o'clock when they suddenly disappeared, so I hooked it up, and that night they sat arguing for 3 hours ... in the corner of the bedroom are not covered by kamere, after 3 hours left nina silent in bed and you could hear Kira crying sorry but I have been vedne to it several times and moreover, one can quickly see it in their body language .....

Again due to Copyright I can not reproduce the images, but one thing is certain theOne thing is certain, and it need not be their language to understand who has the final months often in verbal fight with each other, and quite seriously .. it can be seen both felt and heard ... even for a Dane as Me.

Those who have not experienced it can not cocksure deny that it's happening.

I think you have to take the debate more openly, unless one does not know what happens ... I am here in Denmark the time to follow them when it suits me for two hours before me so they argue pm. 05:00 time is only 03:00 Danish time ....

Sorry but I do not find this form of debate really when we have others who have experienced their fighting often what they argue about is something else, I do not know but they quarrel to the one crying or the other goes shaking his head silently in bed it's serious, I think even Americans or others can understand I have the evidence but can not use them ...

With friendly and warm greetings Big Fan of Kira and Nina but also concerned that it suddenly becomes too much for one ... they quarrel is not the case of combat and fighting that is very deep and serious ...

Thanks for word, I sincerely hope they stay together but I do not believe it goes in length Please Ereik A. from Denmark that when it comes to language in general is Radio Amateur with 24 Years of Experience.


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