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What do you look for in RLC?


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A. Real Life: This one is the most boring because people just live their lives. They go to work, go shopping, visit friends and have them visit, watch TV, play video games, use the phone/computer/tablet, very minimal sexual activity, but realistic since it's not controlled

B. Porn Style: This will give you the action you crave, at the expense of the "reality" you hope for. This is more like those reality porn sites like RealityKings. It's all scripted but passed off as real (to an extent). This seems to be the expectation of subscribers. After all, they aren't paying to see Lev on his tablet. :D

C. "Real Life": This is what we have now. Minimal control, but at times you can see when there is direction at work. For example, Ilona getting into the shower with her underwear on, and doing a strip dance out of them. Clearly, not realistic but it entertains some subscribers.

Which do you choose?

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Some of the old tenants were actually interesting and did things.  I used to find Maya and Stepan so but they don't seem to do much nowadays.  I'm looking for interesting people that do stuff, Nora with her dancing, Leora with her art, the parties in the 3 females apartments. Stuff that's everyday but interesting.  There's a lack of that.

Almost all the apartment tenants do fuck all. I exclude:

Nelly's - various parties

Zoya - painting

Masha - yoga

Nina - they just seem like nice people, and they do have the odd argument that keeps things interesting

Leora - various things. Paul even plays the guitar (his one redeeming feature).

I think it would be excellent if RLC added hobbies to the screening process. Very few of us speak Russian and my Spanish aint great, so they would draw people in if the tenants had a "thing" we could watch them create or practice.

Is that real life? Well no, most people don't have a great talent that they practice at home - but a lot of people do - it doesn't have to be great just something! RLC surely screens tenants now anyway, so we're getting their version of "real life" people - why not screen for people that do something that might be worth watching? I just think they could get some real interesting people - who also have great tits and ass :D

Hit me up RLC if you're reading this, I have more good ideas - they all start with giving me free premium membership though, mmmkay?!

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