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tanning beds? Nipples?

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apparently she does, in my opinion. But het nipplecovers are wayyyyy to large for those sweet little nips of her...  :drool:

It might also be a lack of pigment. Never mind that, her breasts are delicious  ;)

Maybe she doesn't buy special ones but uses the pasties.... you know, from work.


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On ‎2015‎-‎12‎-‎20 at 0:56 PM, Ren&Stimpy said:

Nelly's nipples seem to have a round circle of 'less tanned' skin just outside her areola's. Does she go to a tanning bed? And use 'nipple covers'?

Just askin'......

Ren :idk:

Maybe she uses these:            :biggrin:

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