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  1. Just added: Desiree nude on the couch Title: 626.mp4
  2. Edit: I am no longer going to post direct links to other sites as it advertises for them. I am going to either upload the videos here or another file host. Stay tuned to this thread I am going to keep it up to date. I am ripping from reallifecamhd, rlcreplay, and reallifecamhd. My current archive is here:
  3. Just added: Kitty spread on the floor Title: 627.mp4
  4. Just added: Lana and Robert Hard Sex In Kitchen title: 628.mp4
  5. Just added: Linda and Tibor Blowjob and Hard Doggy Title: 629.mp4
  6. Title: Kitty Spreading on the floor
  7. They are ripped from reallifecamhd. They vary.
  8. Take a drive through any major city and you'll see potholes, garbage all over, homeless, crumbling infrastructure, etc. Wages are down, large swaths of the population are on welfare or don't work. The value of the dollar is declining, the trade deficit is high, debt is high, the budget deficit is high, etc. Perhaps it's because I live near a big city, but things seem generally worse than they did even 20 years ago. It seems Americas golden age has ended, and we are in a downward spiral. Anyone else feel this way?
  9. RLC video dump:
  10. Title: Desiree and Raul Fucking RealLifeCam