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Sex requires desire and it lacked Kira and Nina in the night a sad experience.

Guest Erik A.

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Guest Erik A.

Mandag night 01:26 Lokal time Erik A.

What is worse than no sex, it's bad sex, It requires desire to have sex everyone knows that over 25 years the lost Kira and Nina in earnest in the night 2:00 Their Local Time

The night of Monday the Nina and Kira imagine cultivating nice hot sex and what it was ... it was a display of really bad sex.I feel sorry for the young girls and I missed that they warmed up to hinandet what we call foreplay, but no it was just from the tea cups and the clothes and then it was also an incomprehensible sex act which lacked heat and time to caress, it was like a 3 class sex movie, unbearable to look at.

Dear readers, I erså old that I can see when it is sex of lust and sex of duty and in the night by Kira and Nina seemed to Me like sex out of duty,

I feel sorry for the young girls they should have started up on beer or vodka in the living room and a lighted candle and wrapped each other out ... this works on an adult male my age as deadly to their relationship, no one remembers evening intercourse as nothing more than a flash bang and that was it ....

Were they started with candle and socialize in their lovely living room with tasty drinks etc. made a prelude havdede loved in 1 1/2 hours now lasted 35 minutes with it all.

It seems like duty sex, and so does sex is not at all but it turns off a relationship ... which I'm sure is what you are witnessing.

I am not a sex expert at all but I am so old and lived in so many things that I can feel bad sex when I see it, and it kills conditions also as by Kira and Nina it kills a relationship when you can see the emotions no longer is and that one will not btuge time to build a good sexual experience up ... that I saw in the night, 40 minyttet as they slept both that nothing had happened ... Merry Christmas, next time they should try to warm each other up, otherwise there will be no next time ... I'm sad to Kira and Nina's behalf it has all the possibilities but I'm sure the drawers each other ... their love and tenderness are burned out ...

I grew up with that sex should be intimate, cozy warm and passionate .. night sex by Kira and Nina were killing ....

It goes wrong from the state and then it becomes a miserable experience for both of them and for us with experience that looks with ...

Sorry but this relationship does not hold, and I shut down Kira and Nina there are quality sex in other homes we have access to. Erik A. Local hour past midnigt 21 December 2015 02:03 UTC + 1 BYE!


I'm sorry on behalf of Nina and Kira, even lived in relative died due more obliged to sex than sex, and it does not hold. I stop to follow RealLifeCam just after New Year it is not easy pleasure .. when you can witness such a night at Kira and Nina comparable circumstances have been increasingly tense in recent months. Good night!

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like two monkeys trying to fuck a football. So Awkward! Its worse to watch than:

Paul fumble with Leora

Dasha and Demid ignore each other

Maya and Stephan no sex

Lev ignoring Zoya for an IPad

Adriana and Daniel pop pimples instead of sex

Suzan and hector that do not have sex

Katka and Lenka.....More awkward lesbians than nina and Kira.

WOW! That's most of the cams....waste O' Money! Glad to have it to burn

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