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is leora having an affair???

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i hope that she's not. paul maybe a loser at times but i never think that he deserves to be treated on that way. btw i posted this because she use her phone on the bathroom away from the cam for like 30 minutes +. and i notice she's texting when pauls around.

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Yeah, it would be a bit of a shity thing to do considering that all he seems to do is work on that computer...

She spoke with a friend as I understand .. They quarreled. As she said that she does not want to communicate with her .. It was definitely a woman so she called her by name
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On ‎2016‎-‎01‎-‎28 at 0:09 AM, ululan49 said:

i notice she uses her phone often. so i'm wondering if her feelings for paul came to cold and she always pleasure herself? can someone answer pls?. i'm an asian and i cant understand anything this beautiful people are talking about.


They have a quarrel. Leora calls Paul a loser. He says that he did not get in life. What he can not make money and they have debts. He says that he wanders around the apartment and did not want to do housework.

As I understand it, Paul has no permanent job. Leora discussed with them options for a permanent job. But he found excuses.

In my opinion, Paul is a mama's boy, days walking around the apartment in his underpants and socks and strumming the guitar. Floating adrift.

But on the other side, they often sitting together and cute cooing. Discuss friends, work, household chores and more аnd gently stroked each other.

But I do not watch them all the time and this is only my purely subjective opinion.

By the way, the real Leora’s name is [removed by Mod. Specific information about tenants is prohibited].  :)

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