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  1. This is the law that homosexuals demand to cancel. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_gay_propaganda_law Sorry for the off topic.
  2. I would like to see it with my own eyes. Maybe someone recorded a conversation? I would be very grateful.
  3. By the way, on May 1 a demonstration (march) in honor of the Labor Day took place in St. Petersburg. A lot of people walked along Nevsky Prospekt. Among them was a column of homosexuals who received official permission from the authorities for this. You can read the report about the May Day procession here. Google to help you. http://piter.tv/event/pervomaj_v_peterburge/
  4. Guys, what kind of nonsense is this ??! Hundreds of girls in St. Petersburg walking along the street holding hands and kissing each other when meeting and saying goodbye. In my opinion, this is now done by all the girls. To visit the sick person in the hospital, all are allowed (my co-workers visited me and no one interfered with them). Do not you think it strange that Russian girls discuss their problems in English? I've been on this forum for over a year and have never heard that Nina, Kira or their guests say this. By the way, give me an example of Russian law, which equates homosexuality with pedophilia.
  5. Well this is not the first their quarrel. Nevertheless, they are still together.
  6. During the quarrel Anna said that she would no longer invite one of the pairs. Alex said that, in that case, the other couple will not appear in this apartment either. I hope that they have reconciled, otherwise we will not see their guests any more.
  7. I dont know. My subscription is over. I saw only the video of their quarrel.
  8. The funny thing is that during the culmination of the quarrel they argued not which of them is right, but who of them will leave the apartment. Alex began to dress and said that he was leaving the apartment. Anna also began to dress and said that it was not Alex who was leaving, but she. Then it all happened ...
  9. Anna was unhappy that Alex spoke ill about one of the pairs of guests. Anna herself did not feel sympathy for the other couple. Dispute turned into a scandal. They call real names, so I do not know who by whom is dissatisfied. As I understand, the dog belongs to one of these pairs.
  10. By the way: who was their guests? Their opinions (sympathies and antipathies) about the guests did not coincide. Because of this, there was a quarrel.
  11. For those who are looking for a dog: This is not their dog. The dog was left to them temporarily and they were unhappy with this. As I understand it, the dog belongs to one of the guest couples.
  12. I was away for a long time at the forum and did not see this incident. I just read about it here. I can not say anything about this ultrasound picture. I'm not an expert. In Russia, actively use ultrasound diagnosis. All organs of the abdominal cavity and small pelvis. So it can be anything.
  13. Typically, a physician selects the two images, print them, and pin to the medical report. So it usually looks like. What is pictured in the snapshot I do not know. Maybe it's a hole in Alex's stomach, caused by excessive drinking alcohol?
  14. Apparently, it is a snapshot of ultrasound and medical report.
  15. i love post with magnetics pads? VIDEO?

    1. Yury


      I did not record the video. I made a screenshot when viewing video from the archive using the time line.