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  1. They have three cats. It is unlikely that they will need squirrel, a fortiori male.
  2. Hi, alokin! My post is not the answer for you personally. This is a reasoning on the subject, that has been raised on this forum not the first time. Но я с удовольствием прочитаю ваше личное сообщение.
  3. I can not understand what you need, guys? Do you want to see a real life or that girls get fucked several times a day, like rabbits? In terms of real life - this is one of the most interesting apartments (perhaps the most interesting). Girls engaged in business, made plans, argued, communicated with friends, quarreled and reconciled. Here the passions were seething. If this is not clear to you, then this is your problem, but not the girls. As for sex, it is not much. Sincerely sorry. But the RLC is not obliged to show you sex 24/7. Maybe some of you should stop watching the RLC and subscribe to All Girl Massage, Intimate Lesbians or We Live Togetner? By the way: if you put cameras in the apartments of members of this forum (including myself), I think the show will be even more boring.
  4. Russian hackers are to blame in everything.
  5. Masha and "mum"

    Watching the moms who appeared in front of cameras of the RLC, I come to the conclusion that exhibitionism is transmitted at the gene level.
  6. Russian-Ukrainian Jukebox

    Hi Amy3. I'm fine, I was away a few months. My real life has prevailed over the "real life" of the RLC.
  7. Russian-Ukrainian Jukebox

  8. Russian-Ukrainian Jukebox

  9. Russian-Ukrainian Jukebox

  10. Russian-Ukrainian Jukebox

  11. Russian-Ukrainian Jukebox

  12. Russian-Ukrainian Jukebox

  13. Russian-Ukrainian Jukebox

  14. Russian-Ukrainian Jukebox