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  1. Peter repeated the offer and again received no answer.
  2. Peter proposed to Emma to have sex in the jacuzzi.
  3. Today she is on duty in the kitchen. She does not have time to fuck.
  4. Alex looks as if simply hands over his dick in the rent.
  5. Temperature in apartment 24-25 degrees Celsius.
  6. Specifically on this apartment, I do not know. If you are interested: Two room apartment in a panel building area of 54.4 square meters. All utility bills constitute 5850 rubles. Including heating 2515 rubles. The rent for such an apartment will be approximately 23,000 - 29,000 rubles, depending on the presence and amount of furniture and household appliances.
  7. Excuse my Google English. You mean the heating?
  8. Look under my avatar. I live in St. Petersburg. They say the street names and metro stations.
  9. Yesterday they quarreled with Emma and Peter (Kate). Kate said that Emma and Peter did not provide them with moral support. She said that the apartment will come two new pairs and after a while Emma and Peter may be on their (Kate and Louie) place and will be kicked out of the apartment. I was completely sure that they leave the apartment. Perhaps managers changed their minds and left them at the last moment? Or they stay temporarily, until the moment when the new tenants will be found? Just order to the apartment is not idle.
  10. Kate & Louie! LOL! Why they do not use Russian names ?? For example, Tanya and Vanya.
  11. I was not looking for the location of this apartment. St. Petersburg is a big city.