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  1. Freeloaders got a kick with foot on the balls. But if we regard the finger as a phallic symbol, then these actions can also be considered as a kind of sex.
  2. Russian booze - senseless and merciless.
  3. Tver Apartment - Split 7

    Well, it's better than Stalin.
  4. Tver Apartment - Split 7

    They guessing (tell fortunes) with the help of some object on the thread (needle or ring) and paper with letters written on it. Evoke a spirit and ask him questions. Analogue of spiritualistic sessions with a saucer. Something like this.
  5. Tver Apartment - Split 7

    They evoke (call) the spirit of Joseph Stalin. I am not kidding.
  6. Energizer is dead. Charging will take 30 hours.
  7. I'll get drunk to this time with great pleasure, but I'm in another city. Excuse me.
  8. Specifically for VHTV Apartment Boards & Topics *8) VHTV Has Requested when Posting any Videos that you use the Attachments Center Only. Posting any Videos using Third Party Hosting Sites or Links from External Websites will be Removed. Also when Posting Pictures it Must Have the Voyeur-House.TV Logo in the Bottom Right Corner of the Picture Visible.
  9. Betty & Rick

    So this is Betty and Rick?? I thought that this grandfather visited the tenants.
  10. Betty & Rick

    Wow! Apparently I have not been on VHTV for a long time. The tenants had time to grow much older.
  11. Winter came to St. Petersburg. On the streets of dark, cold and nastily. Let's hope that the girls will spend more time at home. Christmas and New Year are on the threshold. What do we'll find under the Christmas tree in this apartment? Maybe foursome? Please! Please! I behaved well this year.
  12. They have three cats. It is unlikely that they will need squirrel, a fortiori male.