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  1. i love post with magnetics pads? VIDEO?

    1. Yury


      I did not record the video. I made a screenshot when viewing video from the archive using the time line.

  2. Since in a past life I was a lesbian, I welcome this decision.
  3. Goodbye, hope ...
  4. Hi, the camera!
  5. Yes, especially in the summer. Come to St. Petersburg and we will invite Layne to drink beer.
  6. Yeah, but we do not all such as Layne.
  7. She wanted to fuck another guy, but he refused. He said that he already had (sex?) today and he is tired. It seemed to me that he was frightened. There are quite a few married couples today who are fucking with their friends. I am much older than them, grew up in other conditions (social, ethical, political) and do not presume to judge them. If marriages are contracting in heaven, then let God break his head.
  8. Мои поздравления! Долгой и счастливой семейной жизни!
  9. According to the frequency of oscillation, he clearly exceeds Peter.
  10. An interesting timeline in the room where is no one.
  11. Magic magnetic pad.