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Kami was the reason I continued my subscription with RLC. I was getting very disappointed with routine of the same old thing day after day. She is an incredible lovely young lady. I have to say I have read many of the posters who kept up the girls outside of the forum say that she had lost some weight, I guess in the world of high fashion the skin and bones is desirable, but for me I am one from the old school of love. I am one appreciates and desires a woman with curves, the real hour glass figure. Kami has lost quite a bit of weight, far more than what I had pictured when the posters were discussing this topic. I hope that she can now put back on a few pounds, and maybe now that she is back with Kristy, she will feed the girl some real food. She is almost if not as thin as Nelly. Please Kristy give your friend the attention she needs, only you can make her really that happy as you once did before. :hugnkiss: :hugnkiss: Looking forward to the ride of these two very bright shining stars. :welcome: back ladies :hugnkiss:

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