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I am starting to get a hang of the new feel of this site. But i can`t understand the need of a down arrow?

In my world there`s no need to press the down arrow because you only show that you like a photo

or what someone has written on here. That is what i think☺️

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I think this is a cross between the old "Like" button, and the old "Karma + & -" system.

But the "down" arrow could be misunderstood and possibly start arguments. I'd just as soon ignore the down arrow. If it's a bad statement against the rules, I'd prefer members to use the "Report Post" function on the top line.

Right now, I'm getting mod alerts from people who are mixing up the "Up button" with the "Report Function."

There's a learning curve to using this new software for all of us, Mods included. We will endure!

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