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Alanohio's Apartment review #3


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For what it's worth, I decided to bring my review up to date for those that might be interested or have comment...

     Apartments (GMT+7)
        Leora and Paul
Leora is always worth watching. Paul seems to be a little more attentive recently. Fun to watch.
        Maya and Stepan
I do, now, see what someone said about this couple being the "old couple" here. Pretty much routine, check in now and then.

    Apartments (GMT+3)
        Dasha and Demid
I like this girl. I enjoy watching her do about anything - but, there's a tendency to "hide" their sex, and it's disappointing. Demid is a pretty boring guy - stable - but boring.
        Nina and Kira
I love these girls. The situation is real, they are sometimes mad at each other, but they always make up - and when they are happy - Wow.
        Zoya and Lev
I think Zoya could be fantastic if she was with someone else. Lev keeps me away from this apartment unless Zoya is in the room by herself.

    Apartments (GMT+1)
        Carla and Mario
I feel the same I did a few weeks ago, Mario is a 14 year old living with a grown woman. Lots of sex, but it's most because Mario is always playing with his dick.
        Adriana and Daniel
I really like Adriana. The only issue I have is most of the sex is BJ's. You would think Daniel would want to do some exploring himself, but no. To be fair, it appears Adriana has had some kind of genital problem, and straight out sex may not be comfortable for her - she does seem to be in some pain when she does a solo. If that's the issue, I only hope she heals soon.

    Premium Only
        Carina and Sabrina
Nothing here to see. Move On. Ok, Bonnie is pretty, but I wish she had a partner...
        Suzan and Hector
This apartment confuses me. Sex is great between Suzan and Hector, but it's also always the same. I still don't know how "Guest" fits in, and now the new girl. If your hoping something different will happen, forget it. I don't stop here much.
        Nelly and Bogdan
I can't wait for Nelly and Bogden to return. Nelly's smile knocks me on my feet, and she always looks great in sex. Efim is a disgrace to RLC. He's another overgrown child (like Mario) but his GF is HOT!
        Masha and Sasha
Same old, same old - BUT I watch regularly LOL. Masha plays her part and she's fun to watch solo. The couple sex ain't bad either.
        Danaya and Adele - New!
Ugh. Two straight party girls walking around half naked when they ARE here. As it is, this apartment doesn't have much future.
        Kamila and Kristy - New!
No words to say how hooked I am on these girls! Like many of you, I'm hoping against hope they will give in to their love for each other and have some fun. And I will keep watching in the hopes that happens - I only pray that I don't miss it!!

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A fair analysis as always, alanohio.

L&P: There's no question that despite each of them being out of the flat a lot of the time separately and usually not sharing a bed, relations are much better between them now than they were back in the autumn. Having said that mostly there has been little change in the last 7 months except a reduction in psychological games played between the 2 and an improvement in the solo shows she gives.

M&S1: Very recently a welcome increase or should I say resurrection of their sex lives. Maya should dress up more as she's so cute when she does.

Not much to add for most of the rest so:

D&D: When they visited M&S2 they found their sexual urges again but it seems only temporarily. I've heard Bogdan doesn't like Demid otherwise maybe they would have ended up on Nelly's sofa one night.

A&D:  Before she injured her arm they were fairly spectacular in bed and willing to experiment but that injury set her back a lot.

N&B: We're all waiting for Nelly to return. RLC's most infectious personality and with Bogdan they form easily the best couple. The guest girl is fun.

M&S2: Absolutely amazing before the started have guests in December. Since then the sex has been nothing like the 45 minute full speed no rest epics that were way beyond the skill of normal people. Now their sex is ordinary and infrequent with Masha pleasuring herself in a daily routine which barely changes. I would like to see them get an apartment near Nelly because they would have so much fun together. There are obviously goo friends but then who wouldn't be friends with Nelly.

D&A: Since they started going out each night it has become quite dull. Desperately need a big personality to join them or better still new people.

K&K: Well I can't see this at all but there is an interesting story here with Kami's BF which adds an extra dimension to the puppy love.


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