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Apartment Review and Discussion, Maya & Stepan

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Apartment Review, Maya & Stepan

This is one in a series of my honest opinion of the current apartments. I'm dividing each apartment into its own review so I could post each one in the appropriate thread. I'll post each as I complete it.

I understand this couple has been around a long time. Usually, it's pretty much "life goes on", but when it does get interesting, these two are a joy to watch. Maya is a beautiful specimen of a female, and shows her erotic side when sex is on the calendar for the night. Stepan, unlike Paul, still plays along with the RLC concept and doesn't keep Maya from expressing herself. In fact, he makes sure she does. The usual list of visitors is either family or pretty regular people, but now and then an eye brow raiser visits. The recent blond that changed in front of the cameras was one. This apartment is a "must stop" just to see if we should sharpen the image, sit back, and observe. :)

I enjoy this apartment. It's not one I will observe for hours at a time, but when things get interesting I'm all smiles.

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Has anyone noticed the new tattoo on Maya?  It is on the front of her thigh and looks to connect somehow to the bottom of her current one.  It appears to be the face of a girl but is very bizarre looking.  Kind of crazy.

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