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  1. may be mother makes it interesting 🙂
  2. I think all girls apartment getting so boring lol
  3. Nick


    thanks 🙂 man time flies lol 2013 wow LMAO
  4. It is frustrating for me how to find things in this new CC where I find subjects about the B4 or B2 girls apartment that i go there and start trolling LMAO 🙂
  5. it's down for me to last 2 hours I wrote RLC but no one answers
  6. Nick

    is it just me?

    I have same problem It's RLC I just complain to them you do the same complain them
  7. Now they checking how good they did on there cell I was always curious what they check as soon as they do the show they rush there cellphone
  8. The most beautiful thing is when Irma did anything you can feel it's real
  9. I think Sofie and Naomi doing good job thanks girls