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  1. thanks it's workin now it took 30 minutes now is ok
  2. thanks for your help I just download Brave but it want play RLC adobe flash player won't start with the browser
  3. Now we have 3 monastery, convent my God this girls are jokes
  4. I need help guys , I usually watch RLC on my I Mac it was keep stoping to play RLC I took my Mac to apple they didn't find anything wrong I ask the to reformat and They did , now I watch with clean computer nothin on my computer only Safari And Chrome I watch RLC on Chrome and safari they both stop playing or Crash the computer today I wet and buy bran new Laptop win 10 I watched 2 live videos on each computer 2 hours later both computer crashed same time I am curios any one have the same problem I have Thanks guys if you can help me understand
  5. she is not only beautiful she is creative too
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