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Apartment Review and Discussion, Nina & Kira

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Apartment Review, Nina & Kira

This is one in a series of my honest opinion of the current apartments. I'm dividing each apartment into its own review so I could post each one in the appropriate thread. I'll post each as I complete it.

I love these girls. Period. There is no other apartment in RLC that is truer to "real life". These girls share their emotions on their shoulders; we get to see the best and worst of a relationship. And we get to watch them make up :) Both of the girls work, so they are usually away from the apartment during the day, but are home almost every night - sometimes alone - sometimes with friends. Nina is beautiful and is a dancer I believe, and Kira is the cutest female ever! - even if she does play the male role in the relationship. If you joined RLC to watch real life, spend some time with Nina and Kira - they won't disappoint.

I hope these girls get to stay on RLC as long as they want to. I hope to watch them as long as they do.

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