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Apartment Review and Discussion, Carina & Sabrina (and Blue)

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Apartment Review, Carina & Sabrina (and Blue)

This is one in a series of my honest opinion of the current apartments. I'm dividing each apartment into its own review so I could post each one in the appropriate thread. I'll post each as I complete it.

Where do I start? I have to admit I'm not into Butch, so I'm going to have a hard time being fair. HOWEVER, I said once before and I'll say it again; Carina is making a big mistake trying to be different. Ok, she's big boned and a bit heavy, but I think we would all be surprised how good she would look if she fixed herself up as a female. I think she's giving up so much trying to enforce her male-position in the relationship. Sabrina is a good looking girl, but for me, at least, it's hard to see her for herself because of Carina's overbearing looks. Blue is the only saving grace in this apartment. She's cute, and the "shows" give us some insight of what goes on behind the online cam rooms... and I'd like to see her with a guy again - just not marathon man.

This is one apartment I hardly ever check. If it was to go, odds are we could gain something much better.

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