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Hiding is spreading on RLC


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 I just overlooked my recording of the day. ... Hmm. Three times hidden sex (2 x D&D, 1 x V&T) in a row. ... That's still a little unusual but it seams that this will become more and more the new normality with RLC. ... :dodgy:

This is my List of hiding residents (not including guest of curse) :

  • D&D: This is the only couple i dislike due to there effrontery to hide their sex and they really have earned the first place on my list. ... It is ridiculous how long there are on RLC now, even if they obviously do not like to be seen on camera. It is also rediculous how well there sex hidding skills are developed. Beside the classic turtle they also can hide there sex during shower (demind back) or in other places of their bathroom. ... Oddly, they are the only couple with three cameras for the bed. What a waste. :cry:
  • V&T: Just arrived but already know how to hide very well. ... First time sex today was hidden.  Is there still hope? ...I do not think so. ... Most of the long term couples were open from the beginning. It seams to be more about the attitude and not about the habituation. 
  • A&K: Very open couple in the past just started to hide there sex. ... Here i still hope for an return to old openness. ... Especially because I like this couple. Would be very sad to see them continue to hide. 
  • Vika: Even if the BF seams just to be a guest. She is ultimately still hiding her sex. ... BTW, Why have just half of a couple under contract?  ... Strange
  • Rita: No sex no hiding? ... Not even close. ... Rita is very good in hiding and it looks almost natural. ... But she always ensures that no exciting parts are see by any camera. No idea why she is a 2nd time resident, if she do not like to be seen nude. 
  • S&H + C&M: Just on the list for completeness. This couples practice part time hiding. ... Most of the time they get back to be open during there sex. ... Strange ....  Why they hide in the first place?
  • Solo girls: Jiggling bedspreads = Masturbation ?? Whoever believes.  ... I say nothing about this anymore, because i canot prove anything here.

Wow. Now I'm surprised how long the list has become. ... Too bad. ...  :sad: .... BTW, Only D&D are really annoying to me. ...  The rest I find rather disappointing. ... For some I still have hope. .... And some are still on my top list, because they do not hide always. ... But the development clearly goes down. 

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Mrbox you can't win in this forum most they don't pay to watch RLC and there is politic for RLC in this forum, and they hide under so call Real life cam , they say this is not porn , if it's not porn then why the hell they nude they fuck they masterbat front of cam , if they don't want see sex if they don't want to see girls masterbait then I segest they suld watch WWW.monestery.org :-) or WWW.convent.net LMAO

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Think rita is just using the apartment to stay at while she does her studies. don't think she is there to be in the "project" like the other ones are. well not many of them are into the project anymore and are basically just freeloading now... atleast rita has a valid reason  and a good one at that as her education is important to her.


Edit: I will add though that you have a valid point 1010. the hiding is just getting out of hand with this tenants and becoming a  habit and a bad one at that considering they signed up knowing they would be in front of cameras 24/7.

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