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  1. As the girls were all in B2 for their teasing event ... As always, but this time all 8 girls at the same apartment. ... :/ i saw a new girl in the bathroom !?!? ... It needed some time to recognize that she is already a part of the cast ... ... Kylie is kind of a unimpressive person in an cast were all the girls keep are quite boring in the apartments. ... :/
  2. This is just one more thing extrem laughable in this thread: ... The faith in the microbate. ... ... It is just a show and every girl just to do this will most likely also fake everything else. It is time for a change.
  3. No normal person would do this in an shared apartment. ... It is all part of her teasing show. It has nothing to do with real life and is a very bad sign for a project called themself REAL LIFE CAM.
  4. ... The internet is full of nude girls .... It is even full of porn RLC should be about the private life of the residents. In barcelona there are teasing shows instead. ... :( ... A wast of time and space. It is time for a restart.
  5. ... the residents on a page like REAL LIFE CAM should have a REAL LIFE. ... Without "The private life of other people live 24/7." this page is nothing as a facade. It is time for a change. The barcelona apartment need a new cast with actually open minded people. There is not need for teasing shows.
  6. The best apartment currently is most likely the place of L&T. After all the failures RLC had there in the past, this couple is perfect. ... :)
  7. ... all day long .... ? ... They keep all this outside (expect maybe Angelina). It is all just a show without any real life incuded. ... :(
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