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Alma & Stefan - Pictures

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On 3/15/2013 at 9:40 AM, kitek said:

This morning/afternoon they got busy as usual 😉

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Thanks for the excellent recordings.

I like that mirrorcreator site you use.  It gives more options to download the videos.  The one I like best is the PutLocker site because I can watch the video in a stream instead of downloading it.  In this case, with your two recordings from the different cams, I was able to run one video on one monitor and the other video on my other monitor and watch them both together...as if I were watching the action as it happened.  This was very cool.

It looked like this pic.

btw, I use AdBlock Plus.  It works VERY well.  None of the garbage.  It's my understanding that there is no AdBlock Plus for IE.  That sucks.  My suggestion is to use a different browser.  I use Opera.

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