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After a month and a half


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Well after a month and a half of moving, from my new place (which by the way there is no AC... no seriously I know you guys work on Fahrenheit but in my place we work with Celsius so if you want to know my damn temperature every time I come back from a hard day at work I.. sometimes hit 32 degrees Celsius because I live on the 5th floor, and the AC is broken AFTER A MONTH! I mean come on, we're not in the winter or anything but it is the summer and I'm tired of getting refreshed with beers.. not that I dont like beers, beers is very good but I'd like sometimes some fresh air) Anyway good to see you all I hope everything was fine after I left, I know I never post a thread to say good bye to everyone but I was in a bit in a rush due the fact internet was getting cut in about 15-20mins after I've posted my comment in Irma Ilona and Polya's (Which by the way Polya is new to me) apartment. Lots of things happened since I've came back. Foamy this is for you but I'm damn glad they've re-activated or re-opened the old Carla/Mario's Apartment but never saw these peeps in action so I cannot say nothing yet about their attitude nor the way they have sex, That's it for this apartment. Now let's talk about THOSE NEW APARTMENT Ohhhh Jeez! Why the hell my subscription ended because 2 days later Stesha and Marco came to RLC I mean come on did I missed all the fun here? is there a Teddy bear?....  You guys know anyway my problem with Kamila's Teddy Bear anyway so we dont need to go there ....yet :) Now let's talk about this new apartment.. Lola, Amy and Megan. I saw some pictures nice capture to anyone who captured them good job, but like I said earlier I dont know them and I dont know how popular they are..BUT ENOUGH TALK! Am I glad to see you all I wave at you all and hope we will have a chance to talk in private or mess around in the forum like we did a month ago, But I did came back from time to time because I did missed you all guys and I wouldnt lied I did read some of your comment but beside that do not ask me something about these new girls I do not know. 

Good to see you all and hope we will be able to chat very soon!

Take care!


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Welcome back to the zoo, Kabester.

I have to go easy on the bears because Yury's avatar is now a bear, and a bear is a woodland creature, and Leora loves woodland creatures, and bears can stomp the shit out of squirrels and skunks if we get in the way.

Of course, he'll have to go through Scooter to get Leora's final affections, but at least he speaks her language. And Scooter's probably not going to bother Yury much, except for the constant barking. I just hope Yury knows how to wrestle that damn pillow.

I kinda like Desiree, despite the tats. She and Raul don't look like they're drooling idiots or the type that will smash down walls and chase each other around with sharp objects.

Can't help you with the new apartments. I don't watch them. No time. I'm busy modding their threads on CC when members start drooling like idiots and then start smashing up the CamCaps threads while chasing each other around with sharp knives. That takes up all my time, but at least it doesn't cost me $45 bucks a month, or whatever RLC is charging this week for Premium.

Welcome back. 32C is 89.6F, and for you people who only think in Kelvin, it's 305.15K, which is way too fucking hot for me...:biggrin:

Have another Moosehead. Or maybe a Bear Wiz beer (It's the water!)



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