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Two full but empty apartments

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Irma and Ilona are gone and both Barcelona apartment feel somehow empty. It is simply disappointing that even with seven girls in both apartments, RLC is not able to cast at least one girl as open and fun to watch as Elisa, Irma or Ilona.

No matter, if the girls play twister in B2 or have a shower show dance in B1 (as P&S so often), everything seems to be artificial and boring. Considering then the increasing party time (of course outside), one quickly wonders how this will go on. I'm particularly disappointed about the apartment of L&M&R. This three girls can sit all together in one room without to talk for ever and have a 24/7 smartphone advertising. ... Than out of nothing a short game (twister or something else boring) on schedule. That it is. No fun at all. It is just work. 

It also seems as if the schedules of the two apartments are co-ordinated. B2 girls left and just in time, the game starts in B1. ... WFT, that sucks. 

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This weekend was all about the outside of this apartment. Anna disappeared completly and the other girls have committed themself to the barcelona party live. Since the girls have moved all their effort to the outside, it was not much power left as for sleeping in the apartment. ... Clearly, sleep is a part of the RL, but if nothing else happen in the apartment it may be good for the girls, but certainly not much fun to watch. ... boring.

BTW, also L&M&R are as boring as ever. The only news for this apartment is that Rebecca like to earn money twice. She participate on a different cam page while she is part of the RLC project. I wonder if that happens in consultation with RLC and would dislike, if this is some kind of a general new concept. Anyway, I hate these kind of cam pages, because there all is about to suck more and more money out of the pockets of the stupid audience. The combination with RLC makes it downright wrong, because both concepts do not match at all. .... Who now thinks that the cam show of Rebecca also include some real action is wrong. It seems to be all about nude only. ... Who pays the for such a thing? 

Also the other girls seems to dislike real openness (like with Irma, Ilona or Elisa). No trace of it can be seen in both apartments any more. ... It seems that with the move out of I&I both apartments also lost its content. ... How could seven girls be so boring?  

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