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I haven't posted on the site for about a year!

I did not like the new set-up or the fact that everyone was fighting with each other. Then, when Foamy announced

that he wasn't actually a squirrel, I just couldn't take any more!!

Anyway, I'm now recovered but I have a problem. It's the kind of problem that needs answers from perverted,

dumb, self-centered, egotistical ass-holes, so I thought that this was the best place to come.

My problem is, that since the other night, I have twice heard Sam Smith singing 'I'm not the only one' on the

radio. Each time, 'ma wee Boaby' has started twitching!! Now, I have absolutely nothing against gay men. I also

have no desire to have anything against gay men. However, having 'ma wee Boaby' react when a gay man starts

to sing a particular song is more than I can take!!!

So please, I need all you dickheads to come up with some ideas!

I also note that there seems to be some more lovely ladies on the forum. Your help would be even more appreciated!!

P.S. Euromike, I see you are still here. You advice is not needed!! There is a limit to how dumb and egotistical I will listen

to!! :biggrin::biggrin:

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