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  1. Totally agree!!!! Leora is a natural beauty, to be treasured and loved. I would rather have one apartment with Leora than 40 VH style porn peddlers. Apologies to VH fans, but I've tried it - not for me.
  2. TO LEORA, Leora my dearest, I've held you the nearest, Of all of the girls through the years, But please don't bring hubby, He's going bald and quite tubby, I'd be a-Paul-ed, and quite close to tears!!
  3. Nice to see a name I recognise! I see you have moved up in the world, Mr Global Moderator! - well deserved!! My wife died two and a half years ago which really messed me up. However, my spring is starting to get a bit of its old bounce back, so I'll likely be on here a bit more.
  4. I don't think RLC would open an all new apartment if they thought it was temporary. I am a bit surprised she came alone. Thought she would have brought the dog! I always felt a little sorry for Leora in what looked like a rather humdrum existence. She seems to have so much more to offer. I truly hope she now gets a chance to fulfil some of her dreams. I send her my love and best wishes for the future.
  5. LEORA!!!!!!! My life is complete again!!! Wouldn't it be nice if she had some visits from Masha or even Nelly. This is so momentous that I have been forced out of retirement to post for the first time in years!!!!
  6. Mikey, it don't matter much, If your full of imperfection, The only love you really need, Is from the guy in your reflection.
  7. Heidi's cold or maybe flu, May stop her doing some things, But when it comes to horny time, She'll rub it til her bell rings!
  8. When your belly needs a little fill, And your pussy starts to tingle, The answer now seems very clear, Treat both ends to a Pringle!!
  9. upndown


    I haven't posted on the site for about a year! I did not like the new set-up or the fact that everyone was fighting with each other. Then, when Foamy announced that he wasn't actually a squirrel, I just couldn't take any more!! Anyway, I'm now recovered but I have a problem. It's the kind of problem that needs answers from perverted, dumb, self-centered, egotistical ass-holes, so I thought that this was the best place to come. My problem is, that since the other night, I have twice heard Sam Smith singing 'I'm not the only one' on the radio. Each time, 'ma wee Boaby' has started twitching!! Now, I have absolutely nothing against gay men. I also have no desire to have anything against gay men. However, having 'ma wee Boaby' react when a gay man starts to sing a particular song is more than I can take!!! So please, I need all you dickheads to come up with some ideas! I also note that there seems to be some more lovely ladies on the forum. Your help would be even more appreciated!! P.S. Euromike, I see you are still here. You advice is not needed!! There is a limit to how dumb and egotistical I will listen to!!
  10. We gave a girl named Adele our embraces Nice bits, in all the right places, But she blotted her book, Once we all had a look, At the person behind all the faces !!
  11. Better camera placement this time. Let's hope for better tenants as well. You would think RLC would wait until they were in the apartment before opening it up!!
  12. The reason I said "I don't know if you are aware" was because you have not previously hidden pics, so I wanted to bring it to your attention. If I understand the new site correctly, 'Premium Member' denotes a paid cc member. If this is true, then BBsq69, Cassy, Hope85, K.Lane & Phantomcapsnet are all 'freeloaders'. These people are all valuable contributers to the forum, and I feel they have earned the right to be able to see all the pictures that are posted, whether by premium members or not, given that premium members are enjoying all their posts. As for negative likes, that whole thing is just a very bad idea!!
  13. Snaky, you don't have to look out for free loaders, it's up to you. However, as a freeloader myself (I did try unsuccessfully to join on several occasions many months ago), I, and I'm sure many others, are grateful for what we receive. Looking at the last few pages of pics, at least half of them were posted by 'freeloaders'. I don't know if you are aware, but all of yours are hidden! I would say that I do not like the changes to the site. The chat for example, makes everything too fragmented. Just my tuppence worth !!
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