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Who Has A Job...Who Doesn't


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Here is my take:

Alina and Anton:

Unless Anton somehow gets paid to play his online FPS games, that deadbeat hasn't worked a day in his life.  I'm not sure about Alina, though.  I don't think she goes to work, but she's always doing some kind of work on her laptop.  She even has the fat chick helping her at times.  Could it be she works from home?

Lora and Max:

Lora has some kind of Monday-Friday job.  She get up every morning and is gone all day.  Max...I think he might have a part-time job or a job with a variable schedule.  He spends a lot of his days at home.

Lina and Mark:

Mark does hairdressing at home...and he does quite a bit of it.  No other job, though.  Lina has a job, I think.  She is frequently gone all day.  Since she also does hairdressing at home from time to time, I suspect she might also work at a hair salon.

Olga and Sergey:

Sergey has no job, that I can detect.  Olga might be a prostitute.  That's just a guess.  I really have no idea about her, but that would explain her being gone so often...and her apparent dislike for sex with Sergey.

Nora and Kiko:

It's already been established by other forum members that Nora is a dancer and that Kiko is some kind of Real Estate Agent...or maybe a driver of some kind.

Gia and Ian:

Ian works Monday-Friday...maybe Saturday, as well.  Gia is a haus frau.

Ana and Danna:

I don't think either of the girls have jobs, but one or both might be university students.  I really have no basis for that guess except their apparent ages.

So...what do you thing?

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