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rlc spies


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i have been with cc for about 2 months but premium for about a month. i started to post stuff that i thought might be of interest to the other members with the idea of keeping it available as an attachment that would not vanish almost immediately so i uploaded directly. a "member" called saxomatt called me all kinds of bad things after posting a vid of leora showing her topless. he claimed to be a premium member of rlc. i informed the administraters and they immediately removed his comments. but when i returned to the free rooms of rlc this morning i found only distorted still  images of the rooms . this person obviously was a spy. i want to alert anyone here to be very careful as even the free rooms are not safe to record. if you find any strange criticism of your postings i would urge that you contact the admin and do not engage the other person. i was having a lot of fun checking out the rooms especially leora, nelly, masha, and desiree and now it appears that i won' be able to do that anymore. hopefully i can still contribute to the site as i find it to be very enteraining and a lot of fun. remember, BEWARE!!!!

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