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Well... this post has been read 7 times and you didn't answer my question! A simple yes or no would suffice, which would make think if there is a problem with RLC or my connection  :(

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If it continues try cleaning out the cache. Occasionally I get a "bad gateway" error message or "cannot load stream." Usually cleaning the cache or rebooting will remedy the problem IF it is you computer. For some reason it seems RLC requires a "cache clean" periodically. (An enema if you please!)

IF you have another computer you could see if the same problems happens there. Even re-booting the router might help but usually it is not a router /modem problem if other programs load.


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I had the same problem which suggests that this was an RLC streaming error and not a cache problem. It cleared after 10 minutes and then came back again. 15 minutes it was clear. This has happen before and normally clears after a short while (I have been a RLC fan for some time), I have grown to live will it, it is frustrating when you know something is happening though.

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