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How To Get Proper Fullscreen As A Free User - Firefox

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I've been searching for a program like this for a while and have been running it for the last week. It absolutely works and is a FIrefox Add-on - so it's not some bloaty adware written by a scriptkiddie that will infect your computer. 

To get it, do a google search for TabCinema,

Click install, you'll probably have to restart your browser.  When you do you'll have a square blue button in the top left near the menu bars. Click this while watching RLC and the image will expand to fit the page, then press F11, to go to fullscreen and the image will fill your entire screen.

It's not a bad quality stretched video of the original, it wll be the same quality as you'd get from being a paying member.  Ceck it out and let me know if you have any questions but it really is that easy.


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