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New Twin Girls Lia & Mia

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It is nice to see that identical twins can even have identical tits. That is something I have never seen before,

When I was still at school, there were two pairs of identical twins in my town. The guys were very handsome, charmer type with dark hair and white smile. The girls were very beautiful with long brown curly hair. It was not possible to tell the difference between them. One day the other twin guy started to date the other twin girl, and later his brother dated the twin sister for a while, That was an interesting sight at the dance hall - two similar couples - like clones. Then the guys who did not take their dating too seríously, got the idea that they could switch the girls for a while. For a week or so, that went well, the girls did not notice anything (if they had not had the same idea and also switched), and the guys enjoyed the variation. But very soon the trick became revealed, and the girls broke up the relations. I still remember the thought that we youngsters who followed that affair had: wouldn´t it be great to experience such a switch of girls without them noticing.

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How to tell the Twins apart? So far I found three things, they're all on Lia:

  • Lia has some spots on her face. She treating them every night with come cream, it's starting to clear up. I think within maybe a week, we won't be able to tell them apart by this anymore.
  • Lia squints with her eyes, like she has contact lenses that trouble her, Mia does not do that.
  • Lia has a mark on her right butt cheek. I inspected Mia's butt very carefully, no marks on there.

I failed to record them introducing themselves to Jessica on their first night, so I could tell them apart, but still didn't know their names. About a week ago, Jessica was playing a trivia game with them in the livingroom. Lucky for me, Jessica got confused and checked who was who. Thank you Jessica!

Lia sleeps on the far end of the bed, Mia closest to the cameras. Lia always uses the lighter towels in the bathroom, Mia the darker.

If any of you found more things that tell them apart, please let me know, this intrigues me. 

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