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How to download with good quality from brazzers?

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Whats up mates! Hope you are all doing well

So here's my thing: my best friend is going to marry soon (this poor, poor guy) and me and a couple of friends are planning a sick bachelor party for him... with all the crazy stuff you can imagine (STRIPPERS FOR SURE) aaaand as a special gift for the loney nights coming up when he's finally married, we wanted to do a collection of some of his favourite porn stars from brazzer (Lisa Ann, Sarah Jay, Asa Akira .... and so on, the list is very long :D )

So I wanted to know if this is even possible? I tried some youtube converter but it didn't work...? Can someone please help me! This would be for a good cause! Please show some support for this poor fool …. hahaha, thanks for any advice!

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hahaha that sounds like a pretty awesome gift! And my condolence to the lost brother, may he never stop watching good porn :D Just like Army Sniper said: Don't get married :D  So back to your problem, I may suggest some quite good streaming recorder I'm using for brazzers, it's called audials moviebox. It's quite easy to use and graphics and sounds are really good, take a look at their site they explained everything in detail http://record-porn.com/en/how-to-record-brazzers

Hope this could help you! And have fun at the bachelors party :D

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