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Guest Mac867309

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jake think your right ,and also like to add, theres so many guys always putting down others and calling the girls names it would just open up a world of put downs for everyone that knows what a swinger truely is..

besides most people dont even know what it is to be a voyeur  and now put swingers in the mix ...total chaos lol :-*

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I think the whole swingers concept would turn into Big Brother.

I would actually prefer a Big Brother type of environment. It would be much more interesting than just watching one couple interacting with each other. It would of course have to be fully uncensored which is why I've never subscribed to the Big Brother feeds in the past.

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Guest willyou2

I have seen many good looking swingers....Try Colette's or Jasmines in New Orleans both are only about a block off of Bourbon Street and single guys are allowed, but it will cost ya about a $100 bucks not very

likely you will score but it always a show!!

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